Itinerary starting from Mykonos

Itinerary starting from Mykonos

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Mykonos or the island of winds, as locals use to call it, is one of the most popular summer destinations not only in Greece but all around the world, as well. Its natural beauty, its architecture, its people and of course its famous parties attract a huge number of visitors every year. We can say that Mykonos is not an ordinary island, but a place that can offer every visitor unique and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, one of the things we highly recommend you to try during your vacation on the island is a luxury daily cruise!

  From a Daily Cruise to a weekly Yacht Charter or last-minute transfer from island to island live the Absolute experience in your private yacht, and the ultimate relaxation, on board. Enjoy unforgettable events on Yacht with your tailor-made requests like a private chef, massage therapist, yoga instructors, and organized parties. Our crew will be aware of your exact preferences and will be tailored to your taste, from food and drinks to water activities. Dream your private moments and relax on board!

  So, today we will introduce you to a one-day itinerary from Mykonos to Koufonisia and Schinoussa! Enjoy your marvelous cruise and let’s see what you must do during your time on these islands!

What you must see at Koufonisia
  • You should visit the Ano Koufonisi

  In Ano Koufonisi you will find the only settlement of the island, the picturesque Chora. The harbor, the windmill of 1830, and the white houses with blue and white tints are typical examples of Cycladic architecture. The island alleys with all kinds of shops, the traditional cafes, and the taverns introduce you to the local products. Do not forget to visit the church of Agios Georgios, patron saint of the island!

  • Explore the exotic beaches in Ano Koufonisi

 The turquoise waters that elegantly surround the island and the long list of beaches with soft sand enchant you with their beauty. The Phoenix, the Italian, the Milk, the Devil’s Eye, the -literally- Pool, and Pori have nothing to envy from exotic destinations abroad. Among them, you will find small coves suitable for private dives overlooking Keros.

  • Visit the small island, Keros

  The small island is synonymous with Koufonisia and it is a protected archaeological site! Rare specimens of Cycladic culture have been found in Keros, such as the Early Cycladic cemetery, the figurines of the harpist, the piper, and the great mother. You will not find permanent residents except beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and sheep and goats that graze freely!

  • Taste the most delicious seafood

  Koufonisia has the largest fishing fleet in proportion to its population and it is an attraction for visitors who want to taste fresh fish and seafood, the main product of the island. Taverns by the sea, overlooking Keros and the endless blue, prepare traditional Cycladic recipes.

What you must see in Schinoussa
  • Secret cave exploration

  Of great interest are the two impressive pirate – as it is called – caves near the port: the Cave of Maniatis and the Cave of the Fishermen. Pirate’s Cave (or Cave Maniatis), is a cave in the rocks near the port which according to popular tradition got its name from a pirate who had come to the island from Mani and stole the church of Panagia Akathi. When he was leaving, he slipped into the cave and was killed, a sign of divine justice as they said. You can visit the caves and explore their secret only by boat!

  • Dive in the island’s magical beaches

  The island of Schinoussa has many easy hiking trails, which lead to wonderful, more remote beaches and places with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. There are of course many easily accessible, enchanting beaches, with impressive waters that attract boats and sailboats. About twenty blue-green, sandy or pebble beaches have this tiny island

  • Walk-in Chora, the center of the island

  The beautiful and picturesque center of the island is ideal for wandering in the white alleys with the blooming bougainvillea. Here, traditional cafes offer delicious, home-cooked food with local produce, such as the famous fava beans, traditional local cheese, and tomatoes. Do not miss one of the established festivities with traditional music, which take place here every year.

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