Why you should visit Santorini this fall!

Why you should visit Santorini this fall!

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  Santorini is characterized by many as a world-class destination. Tourists from all over the world visit the island and leave with the best impressions. Why? Because Santorini has unlimited things to offer to its visitors such as natural beauty, breathtaking beaches, unique architecture, and great food! This destination is just irresistible! However, many people think that Santorini is suitable only for the summer months. That is a mistake! Fall is the best season if you want to relax and enjoy the graces of the island to the full! Therefore, today we will reveal the 5 reasons why you must visit Santorini this fall!

  • Fewer tourists

If you are one of those, who does not want to be bombarded with a huge crowd, fall months are the most suitable for you. While the high season ends, tourists start to become fewer and fewer. So, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the streets of Chora, the center of the island, without being annoyed by a large number of tourists. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy Santorini’s beaches and explore them quietly. Finally, if you want to live the most absolute experience you can rent a private yacht and discover the hidden beauty of the island.

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  • Lower prices

It is a fact that when the low season comes, prices start to fall. From fashion items, as boutiques are preparing to clear their merchandise at the end of the season, to restaurants and hotels prices are getting more affordable. In addition, in the fall there are no waiting lists! So, you will be always able to sit at your favorite restaurant without waiting and of course, because of the lower crowds, you will enjoy the best quality services!

  • The weather

In Greece, fall is always soft and the weather is mostly clear and sunny. Especially in Santorini, it is quite unlikely to rain and the temperature is still high. The most interesting thing is that the water has absorbed all the heat from the summer and in the fall the sea is very warm making it ideal for swimming. Finally, the good weather conditions make it easier for you to participate in many activities as in summer the temperatures are extremely high.

  • The natural beauty

The yellow leaves on the trees, the blue and white tint of the houses, the turquoise waters of the sea, and the beautiful narrow streets of Chora, the center of the island, make the perfect combination! This natural beauty that is thriving in fall will steal your heart and will offer you a mesmerizing experience that you will never forget! While nature is doing its magic, you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Santorini such as the White Beach, the Red Beach, and the Palia Kameni Beach!

  • The sunset

You might think that the sunset should have been mentioned before. However, its beauty is such that it cannot be compared with anything else. The shades of pink and red coming directly from the sunset create breathtaking scenery! Sometimes, in high season is very difficult to find a nice place to sit, in order to enjoy it, as the area is crowded with a large number of people. In fall, the only thing you have to do is to walk carefree, to arrive at the last minute just before the sun makes its famous dive, and choose your favorite spot! That is it!


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