Aperanto Galazio Cuisine & Bar by the sea 

Aperanto Galazio Cuisine & Bar by the sea 

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For over 20 years now, Aperanto Galazio (endless Light Blue) has known how to take you on culinary cruises in Greece and the Mediterranean. It is situated right at the seaside of Ornos Beach, one of Mykonos’ trendiest and, at the same time, one of the most family-friendly beaches. Located at the heart of a pristine little port, sheltered by the strong north winds of the Aegean. Aperanto Galazio claims to “run the show”, and manages to do that all day long! 

Eating breakfast like a king…

If everything starts with a good quality coffee, and nutritious breakfast, then Apernato Galazio is the place to start your day. From 9 am, experienced baristas prepare your favorite coffee, to accompany your breakfast. Either you seek flavors that remind you of your home country, or you want to be introduced to the ideal Greek breakfast, Aperanto Galazio Cuisine has it all. Natural juices, healthy snacks, and omelets, made in every possible way, for every taste and dietary habit. Enjoy your breakfast on the golden beach, overlooking the scenic view of yachts dancing in the rhythm of the infinite Aegean blue. 

Aperanto Galazio Cuisine takes your brunch seriously. From 1 to 7 pm, a wide selection of brunch options is offered, to accompany your fruity cocktails, while relaxing in the pillows or on the comfortable sunbeds. 

Eating lunch like a prince

When the time comes for your lunch, get ready for an unforgettable gustatory journey right at the seaside restaurant of Apernato Galazio. The elegant decor of the restaurant, with its Cycladic minimalism, and its highly trained staff, create an easygoing atmosphere, that takes you to inspired culinary paths. Modern Greek and Mediterranean cuisine are combined, with a special focus on fresh fish, delicious seafood, and grilled meat. 

The emblematic dish of the restaurant remains salmon fillet with Martini sauce. Next to this classic suggestion, new ones have been added, such as the veal liver pane with sesame seeds, balsamic vinegar, honey sauce, and mashed potato. The seafood and the always fresh fish are a sine qua non of the Apernato Galazio gastronomic experience, essential in your gustatory journey in the Mediterranean cuisine. Salads, do not just accompany your dishes. They can surprise you! A short, yet sophisticated selection of wines, will complete your gastronomic journey to Greece. Choose among a variety of wines, produced by family-owned wineries located in various parts of Greece, such as Evia, Tyrnavos, Kavala, and Santorini. 

Feel like cruising?

Aperanto Galazio has the name and the grace that goes with it, as it can materialize your dream of cruising in the infinite blue waters of the Aegean. The Aperanto Galazio Cruisers, Cobbi 33 and Princess, with their experienced skippers, can accommodate 9 and 10 people respectively, and take you and your beloved ones to Delos and Renia, on the southern beaches of the island, or to the neighboring islands of Tinos, Paros, Naxos. You can even arrange to take your gastronomic journey to the Mediterranean onboard, or in the unspoiled beaches and coves of the nearby islands. All you have to do is choose from the Menu. For a daily cruise to these islands click here .For staying in a Luxury Villa click here.

At Shop o’clock, the Seaside Boutique

Shopping is always a good idea. That is why Aperanto Galazio’s Seaside Boutique remains open until late at night. There you can find fashion clothes, casual and chic, for your excursions to bars and clubs, as well as beachwear and beach accessories, for your excursions on the beach. Modern beach bags, hand-painted hats, and elegant sunglasses, trendy towers and airy caftans, even stylish watches, and dashing jewelry are always great ideas for a gift to your beloved ones, or yourself. The experienced staff is there to help you choose what suits you best. 

Party like there is no tomorrow

Imaginative and tasty cocktails, premium drinks, and Dj sets complete your days at the seaside. But your summer evenings can last longer than you expect. Aperanto Galazio is one of the few places that continue to operate until the early hours of the following day, even when other beach bars are closed. 

Are you having a birthday, a baptism, or a wedding party, or feel like partying for no particular reason? Aperanto Galazio will joyfully take the challenge to organize your social event from A to Z. Commitment to personalized service, imagination, and professionalism, combined with the breathtaking views of the Aegean blue and the sunset, the Cycladic minimalism, and the cosmopolitan aura, guaranteeing memories that will last for a lifetime. 

For an onboard Luxury experience, click here.

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