Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos

Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos

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A true offspring of a legend born in Paris, the world-renown Buddha-Bar, lives on the equally legendary island of Mykonos since 2015. Located three kilometers south of the town of Mykonos, Buddha Bar-Beach sits majestically on a private beach, at the heart of Santa Marina Resort & Villas, gazing Ornos Bay and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Buddha Bar-Beach, just like its precursor, is an oriental temple dedicated to the celebration of serenity and beauty. Everything here, from the golden sand and the unusually calm sea to the inspiring bamboo artwork, the statues, the wooden boardwalks, and the Asian-style furniture, take you straight to zen footpaths. Its Neo-Asian tastes with their distinctive Mediterranean and Greek twist, its inspired cocktails, and avant-garde music allure you into a holistic dining and lifestyle experience that won’t be easy to forget.

The Buddha-Bar Beach culinary mixology experience

The innovative spirit of Raymond Visan, the Buddha-Bar founder, remains alive in the lunch and dinner menu of the Buddha-Bar Beach. In this fusion cuisine, the Orient meets the eastern end of the Occident, the Asian continental land meets the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, bringing you ambrosial flavors, with the signature of international award-winning chefs. Fresh seafood from the depths of the Aegean Sea tangles up with spicy Asian flavors in a gastronomic fusion that will certainly surprise your taste buds. But that is not all! Beef fillets from American farms or Japan, duck from Pekin, and noodles from Singapore mixed with vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown in the Greek land. This parade of tastes is accompanied by a wide selection of wines, representing all continents and an even more wide selection of Greek wines.

The tranquil spirit of Buddha-Bar traverses the Menu, pointing to the royal avenue of Zen. Sharing and caring for the benefit of others is the underline principle of the Buddha-Bar Beach Menu design. So, don’t omit to share the Buddha-Bar Beach gastronomic experience with the ones you love the most!

Cocktails and A Sunset of a different kind

Having spent a whole day in this serene beach resort, protected from the strong north winds of the Aegean and indiscrete eyes, having shared a unique gastronomic experience with your beloved others, one more thing is left to do. To pay your respects to the descending sun, while enjoying cocktails inspired and created under the supervision of Buddha Bar-Beach world-famous chefs, listening to the unique musical compilations that bear the signature of Buddha Bar.

As the sun sets, hiding behind the endless blue horizon, the positive energy of Buddha-Bar radiates in the Greek sky, bringing harmony to this explosion of colors and feelings. The beauty of nature coupled with the ample sounds of DJ’s world-renown compilations of Electro, Ethnic & Deep rhythms of chill out, avant-garde world music, and enchanting tribal sounds, create the perfect acoustical atmosphere for you to immerse in a state of calmness, attentive to the last beam of light and guided into Zen by intuition.

As the night proceeds, world-famous cocktails and DJs are keeping the Zen energy alive, arousing the spirits. Bohemian jet setters commingle with celebrities and chic lifestyle lovers and gatherings of friends and families become unique, treasured memories for you to take back home. But when Buddha-Bar Beach hosts its legendary parties, Mykonian nights can skyrocket and you can become part of the legend.

At Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos evolution, innovation, experimentality are a constant state of being. From year to year, from summer to summer, from day to night, the atmosphere is evolving. Throughout the year Buddha-Bar Beach welcomes exceptional chefs, who share their gastronomical innovations and gourmet cocktails. Throughout summer, leading performers and DJs parade from the decks, sharing their inspired experimental musical compilations. The perpetual Buddha-Bar concept is an invitation to honor all the best things in life. Buddha-Bar Beach is an invitation to do that on the island of Mykonos, where life is at its best. To accept this invitation is a ‘must’ in Mykonian days and nights, an immersion in the true Art of Living.

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