Hippie Fish Restaurant & Beach Club

Hippie Fish Restaurant & Beach Club

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Have you ever been in a place with a character, a philosophy, and a way of being? Well, Hippy Fish Restaurant and Beach Bar in Mykonos is the place you need to experience with all your senses. It is located in the southwest of the island, on the beach of Agios Ioannis (Saint John), in a pristine tourist village built amphitheatrically, 2,5 km from Ornos, across Delos. For luxury villas in Agios Ioannis and elsewhere in Mykonos, click here.

Built-in the 1960s, the Hippy Fish remains a modern hippy. It is continuously been renovated, evolving its traditional Cycladic aesthetics and modernizing its premises and services, but leaving its philosophy intact. Relax, let yourself be charmed by the beauty of nature, sip and savor scents, tastes, and flavors, embrace the miracle of life! No wonder why Hippy Fish became the stage of the Paramount movie Shirley Valentine, filmed in the 1980s. Where else could a protagonist of life, like yourself, reapproach, rediscover and rekindle her/his dreams?

A full day starts on the beach

Start your day drinking your favorite coffee on the serene beach of Agios Ioannis, relax on the deluxe sunbeds of Hippie Fish, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, and enjoy a rich and delicious breakfast by the seaside. The delightful weather, the refreshing Aegean breeze, and the healing touch of the massage therapist of Hippie Chic Hotel promise to help you restore your inner balance between body and mind. Treat yourself to a massage session that mixes ancient Eastern wisdom with Western medical knowledge.

Just another restaurant?

The philosophy of Hippie Fish is best expressed in its restaurant. Here, you are more than a customer. You are a guest, enjoying the hospitality and generosity of nature and people. That is why every single dish is prepared using the best ingredients, fresh and, when possible, organic. All, provided by the Aegean Sea and the Greek land.

Seafood and vegetables are the main focus of the Hippie Fish menu. However, meat is not missing from this parade of tastes. Food is approached the hippie way! Traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is combined with modern sensitivities and conscious cooking, inspired experimental cuisine and gastronomic tasteful discoveries are combined with different wines. The outcome is high-quality and delicious dishes, full of vitamins and minerals, full of aromas, flavors, and culinary thrills. In the Hippie Fish restaurant, the menu changes seasonally, following nature’s seasons.

How about sushi?

If you have the best raw material, why not turn it into sushi? The sushi chef and his team take the freshest fish provided by local fishermen to transform it into the hippie version of sushi. Japanese cuisine fused with the Mediterranean spirit, will make you forget where you are, in a sushi bar in Tokyo or a Mediterranean seaside? A selection of Japanese sake will accompany your sushi dish and make your confusion even greater.

Dinner for two?

Love goes through the stomach, and the Hippie Fish restaurant seems to know that well. Surprise your beloved one with a romantic private dinner on the beach of Agios Ioannis. Express your love, celebrate your anniversary, or propose to your beloved one to marry you. The Hippie Fish culinary team will create the finest dishes of your choice from a gourmet menu. The sunset, or the stars and the candles, the flowers, and the music of the sea waves will do the rest.

Or, an event for you?

Hippie Fish Restaurant and Bar provide catering services for your special moments of any size and any kind. Either your wedding, party, or fundraiser, either on or off the premises of Hippie Fish, either in the bar or in your cruiser yacht, your guests will be charmed. Just choose between the special catering menus and leave the rest to Hippie Fish. For chartering a yacht in Mykonos, click here.

The chic Hip Mixology bar

If the soul of Hippie Fish rests in the restaurant’s cuisine, its spirit rests in the Hip Mixology bar. Artful barmen tend your spirit’s needs with care, by preparing the most imaginative cocktails and alcoholic beverages or serving you signature champagnes, wines, and Greek spirits. The welcoming bar stools, seats and bean bags, the wood and stone, the sunset’s last beams of light, and the chill-out music are all playing their part in creating a sophisticated atmosphere for you to enjoy convivial moments and superb drinks in elegance. When live DJs and artists take over the deck, they can only add more magic!

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