Cape Sounion in the Athens Riviera 

Cape Sounion in the Athens Riviera 

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Not far away from the Greek capital, around 40 to 50 minutes drive away from the city center of Athens, there is a fascinating seaside resort that can make you forget you are not on an island. Cape Sounio is located at the edge of the 70km long Athens Riviera, the southeast coastline of the Attica peninsula. But, who can tell? Is Cape Sounion the further end or the entrance gate to the Athens Riviera?

Cape Sounion is best known for its magnificent Temple dedicated to the ancient God of the sea, Poseidon, its captivating sunset, and the picturesque beaches along its magnificent coastline. It is a favorite all-year round-destination for locals and visitors alike, who seek a day’s excursion away from the urban landscape. It is no less favorite for sea lovers who seek a day’s cruise in the sea where everything started.

A voyage through time

Cape Sounion was the ancient entrance to ancient Athens. Since the 5th century BC, on the southernmost piece of land of the Attica peninsula, the Temple of Poseidon stands proudly overlooking the endless Aegean Sea. Whether you drive through the Athens Riviera or sail along the scenic coasts of the Attica peninsula, you cannot miss the incredible energy that has inspired myths and legends lasting throughout the centuries.

Cape Sounion was the last and the first piece of land that warriors and seafarers saw when they were leaving or returning from their adventurous ventures in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. Cape Sounion is the last and first piece of Attica land you can see from your yacht when leaving or entering the Athens Riviera. It is the home of impressive beaches and humble fishing harbors, coves and marinas, water sports clubs and exclusive nightclubs, classy restaurants, and charming family tavernas.

For the love of the Aegean Sea

Cape Sounion is the place of a famous legend. This is where the king of Athens, Aegeus, met his tragic death due to a misunderstanding, when his son, Theseus, in returning from his victorious venture to kill the Minotaur in Crete, forgot to change the sails from black to white, as has been the agreement with his father. In that sight, Aegeus fell from the cliff. Since then, the sea surrounding Cape Sounion was called the Aegean Sea.

The legendary Cape Sounion is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the turquoise and blue waters and feel with all your senses the mystery, serenity, and beauty of the Aegean Sea. Swim in the idyllic blue flag beaches of Cape Sounion, rent snorkeling gear or tubes and discover the sea bottom, indulge in watersports under the gaze of Poseidon. For those seeking the ultimate experience, a kayak adventure along the coasts of Cape Sounion will give you the chance to test your body’s strength and open your senses to memorable beauties. For luxurious yacht charters and private cruises, click here.

Ashore excursions

Equally alluring are the experiences waiting for you ashore. Drive along the idyllic coast of the Athens Riviera and explore the countless beaches and secluded coves. Whether you are looking for beach bars, seaside tavernas, or gourmet restaurants, this route has something for any hour of the day, any mood and taste.

A less famous yet impressive route to be explored is the Sounion National Park. Spreading over the hills, in 5.250 acres of land covered by pine forests, from Cape Sounio towards the north, all the way to the port of Lavrio, this is the smallest national park of Greece. You can wander off hiking, cycling, or driving on dirt roads, explore the relics of the mining industry left behind from the 3rd century BC until the end of the 20th century, tunnels, caves, ancient workshops. But, just before sunset, make sure you are standing on the cliff where the Temple of Poseidon sits or on a hill overlooking the Temple and the glistering Aegean Sea. Be prepared for a humbling site as the sun sets over the horizon and the last rays of sunlight play hide and seek with the towering columns of the ancient Temple. Drink a café in its shadow, feel its vibe, and let the night take you along in the routes and paths of the cosmopolitan Athens Riviera.

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