5 + 1 reasons why you must visit Mykonos!

5 + 1 reasons why you must visit Mykonos!

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Mykonos is one of the most famous and popular islands in Greece and certainly not unjustly. Mykonos is not a simple island, but a place that can offer every visitor unique and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, today we will see the 5 reasons why you should travel to Mykonos.

Mykonos is the island that never sleeps!

If you love having fun and party all day long, then Mykonos is the best option for you! In this island you will find luxury nightlife with endless parties that last all night! Apart from that, there are so many bars and clubs that you will certainly find the one that will steal your heart. Of course, your choices are just as many during the day, since the parties never stop! Mykonos is an island that constantly proves that it can offer whatever you need!

Mykonos beaches!

If you are a lover of the sea and you enjoy swimming in clear blue, crystal clear waters then you have found what you were looking for! The beaches of Mykonos are governed by a stunning beauty. Its heavenly, emerald waters combined with its fine white sand create the most unique experience. Whether you prefer the noisy beaches or the tranquility of the sound of the waves on a secluded beach, once again Mykonos is here to generously give you what you are looking for!

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Mykonos Greek restaurants

 Apart from the incomparable natural beauty and the dozens of activities it has to offer, Mykonos is an island that provides you a variety of quality and different flavors. Mediterranean cuisine unites with the cosmopolitan aura of the island and unique flavors are born that every visitor should try. The fresh ingredients and the taste of Greek cuisine will impress you! The restaurants of Mykonos come again to meet your every wish and every taste, offering you both a traditional and a gourmet menu. 

Water sports in Mykonos 

Yes, you have heard correctly! Mykonos can host many sea sports! If you are an athletic type and you cannot do without your favorite water sports, but even if you are just someone, who is looking for a new and different experience, then you do not have to worry about anything. On the island of winds, as Greeks often call it, you can try whatever you like! Flyboard, parasailing, jet ski,seabob, water ski and wakeboard are just a few examples. However, if your taste is more sophisticated and more refined, then you can enjoy a wonderful cruise with a luxury yacht selected only for your needs! From a Daily Cruise to a weekly Yacht Charter or last-minute transfer from island to island live the Absolute experience in your private yacht, and the ultimate relaxation, on board. Enjoy unforgettable events on Yacht with your tailor-made requests like a private chef, massage therapist, yoga instructors, and organized parties.


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The exceptional architecture. 

Staying in Mykonos, as you already know, is something more than a simple accommodation. It is an experience that you will never forget. The small narrow streets of Chora, the center of the island, will mesmerize you with their unique architecture. You will enjoy the low houses, painted in the colors of blue and white, and you will be able to explore the small, built in the traditional Cycladic style, shops with a huge variety of magnificent souvenirs.

Luxury accommodation

Last but not least, Mykonos can offer the most luxury and remarkable accommodation even for the most demanding visitors. Luxury villas, equipped with everything you need, are waiting for you! You can host unforgettable parties and have an amazing time with your friends! However, if you prefer to enjoy the high-premium villas and their comforts with your mate, it is something can be done!


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