Paradise Found on Earth, and more specifically, in Mykonos!

Paradise Found on Earth, and more specifically, in Mykonos!

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What comes to mind when thinking about going on a vacation to the majestic island of Mykonos? Alluring beaches, enjoyable activities, delicious meals, and the authentic experience of the Greek nightlife surely are on the top of the list.

Super Paradise can check all the boxes in a tourist’s “to do” list! It is an exquisite destination that can be found only 6 km on the southeast side of Mykonos Town.


Super Paradise offers many amenities to its lucky guests! More specifically, spacious comfortable loungers guarantee an ideal spot for sunbathing that can result in a gorgeous tan. At the same time, a Hookah-Shisha can be your “companion”. Everyone’s fun time in the clear blue waters of the Aegean is ensured to be safe, as the services of a lifeguard are available at all times. A boutique for shopping stylish fashion items is the most suitable place to create the most fashionable appearances for the alleys of Mykonos Town. The Super Paradise Beach Club also offers massage services that can help guests combine their vacations not only with mental but also with physical relaxation.

An essential part of vacations is, of course, the food! “Divine Sea & More” is just an example of a restaurant in Super Paradise that can offer an authentic traditional Greek cuisine experience, with appetizing, often described as “mouthwatering”, meals that give out a Greek essence and the tempting smell of fresh and professionally cooked Greek ingredients, including fresh fish, meat and vegetables. All-inclusive menus are also offered for guests that follow vegan or gluten-free diets.

Super Paradise Beach Club

Greece, and especially Mykonos, is well-known for its highly entertaining nightlife. The Super Paradise Beach Club offers that experience all day long!

In the afternoon, after a fun time swimming, sunbathing, or eating a delicious meal, the DJ turns the volume up and the beach club starts filling up with people ready to party till the sun goes down and rises again the next morning!

These parties are filled with different personalities swinging in the rhythm of the music or enjoying a drink. One can find simple clubbers along with models, actors, and VIPs sitting in the bar or the dancing platforms, thus, clubbing with celebrities is not an uncommon scenario for a day at the Super Paradise.

Special events are organized from time to time at the Super Paradise Beach Club with a specific repertoire each night or famous DJs and Artists making an appearance. RnB nights, Greek Vibes Sundays, HipHop parties, and many more events can please everyone’s taste in music and offer an entertaining experience at the often described as “hottest club of Mykonos”!

Super Paradise Water Sports

Super Paradise does not only offer a relaxing and entertaining day at the beach, but it also caters to the thrill-seekers that are ready to explore the adventures of the Aegean Sea a bit more than others! With modern facilities, equipment of the latest technology, and professional personnel, Super Paradise offers a variety of Water Sports. Parasailing can offer a spectacular view of the Aegean and the beach, whilst the Flyboard is a chance for someone to feel like Iron Man putting on his suit! A ride on the tubes or the jet ski can be a fun activity to try out with friends or alone and have the chance to feel a rush of adrenaline while seeing the beauty of the island of Mykonos. Super Paradise also gives people who are unfamiliar with Water Sports the opportunity to enter this “adventurous world of water sports” with some wakeboard 30-minute lessons instructed by experienced professionals. And for those that cannot part with their working-out schedule, a waterski ride that is a full-body 10-minute workout is available. Also, a 30-minute solo or double canoeing session is available for those who want to “take a stroll” around Super Paradise.


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