PRINCIPOTE: A Royal-like Vacation

PRINCIPOTE: A Royal-like Vacation

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Scrolling through the internet for the perfect vacation destination can be tiring and confusing, although a picture of Mykonos’s classic Greek summer beauty can halt the process! 


Vacation at one of the most famous and appealing islands of Greece cannot be completed without a trip to one of Mykonos’s finest attractions: PRINCIPOTE

Principote is located at the alluring beach of Panormos, on the north side of Mykonos, only 6km away from Mykonos Town. A luxurious place including a beach bar, a restaurant, a shopping department, and many more activities is appropriate for anyone looking to spend their vacation like a Principote, which in Spanish means prince or princess!




Principote gives out a luxurious aura as it blends with the natural surroundings and the golden sand, with the handmade umbrellas giving a sense of simplicity in the luxurious image of the island. Guests have the opportunity to experience absolute relaxation while swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean or tanning under the hot Greek sun while lying in the comfortable and spacious sunbeds that are provided. One can level up their relaxation by booking a professional massage session offered by the experienced staff of Principote. For the more daring and adventurous guests, Panormos beach has a fascinating world that unravels underwater and creates the best conditions for a snorkeling experience!

As a companion to this process of creating summer memories, a delicious snack is considered a must! There is a variety of small meals, snacks, and sushi options in the restaurant menu that can be served through the entire beachside, always with Principote’s top-class service. 




Speaking of delicious food, Principote Restaurant must be mentioned as it accommodates a vast variety of meals that can satisfy everyone’s taste palette, always with a guarantee of the best quality ingredients and professional cooking. Artisan chefs, sommeliers, and pastry chefs with incredible resumes are the people behind every meal that lands on the guests’ plates. The restaurant takes up three spacious patios easily accessible from the beach and it provides a constant view of the mesmerizing sea of Panormos. The menu can create the feeling of eating at a traditional household, with homemade bread cooked on a traditional stove being offered and every meal with fish, vegetables, or meat, made with the freshest organic products supplied by local producers. Principote Restaurant can also take wine enthusiasts on a journey through their fine collection of wines (vegan or kosher wines can also be found in the list!).  




The luxurious aura of Principote calls for the appropriate outfits, which can be found inside Principote! This Agora aims to create a unique style for every guest with handcrafted accessories, bags, hats, and swimwear that will remain as a memory for every guest after they depart from Principote and as memorabilia connecting to the majestic island of Mykonos. One can also find stylish fashion items from well-known international, as well as, Greek brands. 




Principote caters to every guest’s needs, even when that refers to some of their most important life moments! It offers the opportunity for a magical wedding reception in a Principote style. It has a capacity of 450 people and Principote staff is more than welcome to lend a helping hand to the engaged couple on the wedding preparations, the decorations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and the relaxation and “getting ready” process of the groom and bride. Of course, Principote shows its support for celebrations of people from every faith and sexuality! 

Other than weddings, Principote offers a child-friendly environment for baptisms and an entertaining night for cocktail parties and other smaller corporate or private events. 




At a luxurious place like Principote, many would want to have the full VIP experience, the conveniences, and the services provided to Principote level guests! More specifically, there is a designated VIP area with a spacious lounge and sunbeds that can ensure a level of privacy and, of course, discreet service from the staff. VIP guests have the opportunity to taste the whole restaurant menu along with the beach and sushi menu while relaxing at the beach club area. A selection of shisha flavors is also available for the enjoyment of the guests.


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