SCORPIOS: A day at the beach with an ancient Greek aura

SCORPIOS: A day at the beach with an ancient Greek aura

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A vacation in one of the famous Greek islands cannot be completed without a whole day devoted to one of Greece’s main characteristics: alluring beaches! Mykonos for sure has to offer many great opportunities for days like these, with beautiful scenery, golden sand, and crystal clear waters all across the island.

However, there are those people that want to have the authentic, yet contemporary, Greek experience and not the completely modernized version that tourist spots have to adapt to. The most appropriate place for a day like this is SCORPIOS!

Scorpios is a unique spot located next to the beach Paraga on the south side of Mykonos, less than 6km away from Mykonos Town.



Scorpios do not follow the conventional decoration of a beach bar but adopt a rather unique style with many elements that bring to mind the aesthetic of an ancient Greek agora (historical Greek public space). This ancient Greek aura floats through the air inside the whitewashed stone house that takes guests on a journey in time. The wooden cabanas and sunbeds laying across the golden sand of the beach bring an element of simplicity to the rather elegant look of the beach, creating the perfect spot for a comfortable tanning session under the bright sun that comes along with hot Greek summer days. The beach bar fits in perfect harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings of Mykonos. Scorpios, also, provides guests with a first-row ticket to enjoy Mykonos’s breathtaking sunset as it “dives” into the waves of the Aegean sea, the perfect company for Scorpios’s music-filled rituals. These rituals take place in the custom-built and beautifully decorated stages of Scorpios.



Scorpios make sure to offer guests an amazing gastronomical experience during their stay. These delicious and beautifully presented meals are served in the open-plan restaurant with a clear undisturbed view of the waves of the Aegean as far as the eye can see! The main goal of this restaurant is to provide guests with an experience of the Mediterranean tastes, considered as one of the most satisfying, yet healthy and nutritionally balanced, diets. The menu is carefully put together by the experienced professional chef, Alexis Zopas, mainly focused on the mouthwatering sea-food dishes Mykonos can offer, often suggested by the locals as well. Of course, the restaurant’s kitchen is filled with fresh and locally produced ingredients making up the perfect menu for a filling family-friendly lunch. Taking into account the guests’ intricate diets, Scorpios offers organic meals with many vegetarian options.



 A big part of Scorpios’s philosophy is the spiritual journey of the mind and body through music. The rhythms of the music aim to allure guests into a quest for a higher aesthetic filter with tunes that combine electronic and acoustic elements. Scorpios want to be a place associated with relaxation with an immersive soundtrack of various ambiances that will relax all senses and create genuine emotions. Scorpios encourages the representation and enjoyment of different types of music with various cultural backgrounds and traditional features, creating a cross-cultural experience for the guests. During these summery music rituals underground and well-known artists are invited to take this spiritual journey a bit further. Within an ambitious project, Scorpios have created its in-house record label known as SC Music, a label that has promised to create music based on the innate sounds that one can stumble upon during a visit at Scorpios. Along with music, Scorpios offers meditation and massage sessions that encourage relaxation, creative expression, and an out-of-body spiritual experience.



Within Scorpios, guests can purchase the perfect summer accessories for a stylish outfit, appropriate for the alleys of Mykonos, or take home some Myconian memorabilia. This bazaar carries the unique aesthetic of Scorpios with sustainable, artisanal, mainly handmade items. These products are all story-oriented, they are made to resemble and remind the younger generations of some of the world’s ancient traditions.

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