SantAnna: The definition of a perfect beach day

SantAnna: The definition of a perfect beach day

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Vacation in Greece can be described in a few words: beautiful beaches and waters, delicious food, wild nightlife and, of course, relaxation. Thus, everyone is looking for the perfect vacation place that ticks these boxes. Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands worldwide that can provide all of these at top-level!


However, there is a place in Mykonos that can offer this whole package in just “one day at the beach”. Let me introduce you to SantAnna! This amazing Myconian paradise is located in Paraga Beach, less than 6km away from Mykonos Town.




SantAnna beach bar offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing day of laying under the Greek sun in the stylish cabanas or the deluxe sunbeds spread across the golden sand of Paraga beach, creating the tan that will remind everyone of a summer spent in Greece. SantAnna wants to take into account all guests’ preferences and styles and it provides different spots around the beach bar to make everyone feel comfortable, including beach sunbeds, cabanas, as well as, a beach lounge with hippie elements for that extra summery aesthetic! These relaxing sessions cannot be complete without the appropriate snacks and beverages. Along the beach bar tasty all-day snacks, traditional Greek salads, sandwiches, juices, as well as, sushi packages are served.


For an extra luxurious experience, a swim in the lagoon-shaped pool in the center of SantAnna is a must! The swimming pool is filled with saltwater to maintain that classic Greek aura floating over the Aegean sea. For anyone that wants to secure a front-row seat at the pool, pool daybeds, pool cabanas, and private islands (for that VIP feel!) are available.




SantAnna Restaurant promises to take guests on a gastronomical journey that will activate all senses, with dishes mainly inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, as well as, some international seafood tastes. All ingredients used are organic and the fish is guaranteed to be freshly caught by local fishermen. For those willing to experiment with new tastes, the restaurant offers some rather creative, innovative options that are Greek-inspired! Of course, some east Asian sushi options couldn’t be missing from SantAnna’s menu.


SantAnna Wellness


SantAnna aims to make guests’ day at the beach one of the most memorable and relaxing vacation days! Thus, spa services are available inside SantAnna’s customized treatment rooms, made to ensure guests of their relaxation and privacy. The treatment includes massage sessions by SantAnna’s professional therapists or full-body treatments with multisensory workouts that can be personalized to satisfy every guest’s need to reach peak relaxation!




SantAnna wants to guarantee its guests’ the full Greek experience! A private cruise of Mykonos and the neighboring non-habitant islands of Delos And Rhenia is available to anyone that wants to explore the Greek islands of the Aegean sea. During the cruise, the guests can enjoy the crystal clear waters and the waves that move as far as the eye can see, have a refreshing swim or enjoy a drink on board. Also, the guests get the opportunity to have a few stops during the cruise at some of Mykonos’ beaches that are accessible only by boat and explore these hidden diamonds of beautiful golden sand that blend into the natural beauties of Mykonos.




The authentic Greek experience has to include, of course, never-ending parties! SantAnna often hosts entertaining music events, with locally and internationally known DJs and artists that know how to create the perfect party vibes and get everyone on their feet dancing along with the rhythm of the music, that changes in every event to satisfy everyone’s taste!


SantAnna is, also, more than happy to be part of some of the most important life moments of its guests! The beach bar and restaurant can be booked for the perfect (extremely romantic) beach wedding, some wild bachelor-bachelorette parties, or private parties. SantAnna’s events team is more than capable to help guests with the preparations, customizing the beach bar’s decorations according to the guests’ style, or alternating the restaurant’s menu to fir the guests’ intricate taste buds.

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