Katerina’s Bar is an authentic experience

 Katerina’s Bar is an authentic experience

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Everyone has the desire, at least once in their life, to travel and gain everything a traveling experience can offer! Sightseeing of some of the world renounced monuments, exploring new cultures, meeting new people and of course trying out different cuisines and ways of life and entertainment. 

Having that in mind Mykonos is at the top of the list of places that are recommended to every tourist that wants to have a complete, fun, and relaxing vacation. Mykonos’ alluring beaches and natural beauties, the hospitality of the locals, the delicious cuisine, the party vibes, and the fun activities the island can offer are definitely worth trying out! 

While traveling in Mykonos, you can arrange a fun day exploring the Chora, center of the island, walking through the narrow, simple yet traditionally decorated, Myconian alleys, and search for the authentic Greek experience with a meal or a drink at some of the most beautiful restaurants/bars in Mykonos. One of the most famous and recommended places in Mykonos that can offer that whole experience is Katerina’s! A place that combines the restaurant’s perks of a delicious meal and the refreshing relaxing time of having a drink, all while having one of the best views the island can offer. 


Katerina’s is located in the center of Mykonos, inside the Chora, on the west side of the island. It is close to Mykonos old port and, also, less than 4 km away from the regular port of the island, thus, a simple 10-minute drive upon arrival for a perfect first introduction to the beauties and activities Mykonos has to offer. 

Katerina’s is also part of this little neighborhood called Little Venice, a particularly famous part of Mykonos, known for its romantic features that resemble Venice in Italy, with the houses built on the edge of the land, almost floating above the sea, creating an amazing view from the windows, porches or balconies looking at the Aegean sea as far as the eye can see. Little Venice, however, carries the traditional architectural mark of Greece with the color white catching the attention of every visitor and the little blue or other colorful details leaving the impression of a Greek signature. 

Katerina’s is not just another part of Little Venice, but it holds a significant place in the locals’ and visitors’ hearts and memory, as a historical place with an interesting story. Miss Katerina Xidaki, the initial owner of the bar, was the first woman in Greece to be a professional captain going around the Aegean sea. Katerina Xidaki later decided to establish, into her family house, a restaurant and cocktail bar. This place that could create a warm family hospitable feeling to every guest met a lot of recognition and success, and some years later Katerina’s son, Konstantinos, took over the restaurant holding up this place’s reputation and making everything even more genuine and enjoyable. The bar has also undergone some changes and is now beautifully decorated with handmade wooden sculptures, Konstantinos’s own creations. 


On the ground level of the building stands Katerina’s restaurant, a place where a Mediterranean gastronomical journey takes place and visitors can test their tastebuds and try out traditional Greek meals prepared from the highly professional and experienced chefs of the restaurant. Every meal is made from fresh and locally collected ingredients, deliciously cooked and creatively combined, in order to create the signature Katerina’s recipes that have led the restaurant to attain a certification award from one of the most reliable touristic sites worldwide. 



On the upper level of Katerina’s old family house, there is a beautiful bar, serving a wide variety of classic cocktails, drinks (and non-alcoholic drinks) that can satisfy every visitor’s taste or some more creative options of refreshing cocktails for anyone that wants to explore new tastes. Katerina’s bar makes the perfect spot to have a relaxing drink while enjoying the breathtaking view of the waves of the Aegean sea complementing the beauty of Little Venice, as well as, a view of the Myconian windmills!As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.


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