Galleraki : A gallery of cocktails

Galleraki : A gallery of cocktails

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Many people, trying to get away from their stressful everyday routine, find their way to one of the Greek islands, at some of the most suitable destinations known for the numerous relaxation opportunities, memorable experiences, and the Greek euphoric vibes.

There is no doubt, Mykonos, among the most famous vacation destinations worldwide, lures many tourists into its natural beauties, its alluring beaches, and the hospitality of the locals that will create a welcome, relaxing, and authentic Greek experience.

While in Mykonos every visitor should explore around the Myconian islands and seek beautiful little places that look like majestic getaways from reality! Galleraki Cocktail Bar, definitely, meets these criteria!


Galleraki is located on the west side of the island, it is conveniently placed inside Mykonos town, close to the Mykonos port, and right next to the old port, within just a 5-minute walk through the traditional white and blue, narrow Myconian alleys.

It is also right in the middle of Little Venice, a dream-like romantic neighborhood in Mykonos, with white houses that stand out from their little colorful details in the windows and doors, which open up just to reveal the houses’ proximity to the waters of the Aegean sea and the sound of the waves hitting their foundations. It is a place that provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the architecture that combines the simplicity of the Myconian features with the romantic vibe of Italian Venice.

Thus, the little tables of Galleraki Cocktail Bar are a breath away from the crystal clear Myconian waters, equipped with some seats on the edge of the stone bench where the waves and the sea aroma feel closer than ever. As the day goes on, Galleraki turns into the perfect spot for a relaxing cocktail or drink with the breath-taking view of the sun setting behind the Aegean sea that expands as far as the eye can see.

Galleraki is not only an amazing bar for all kinds of visitors but it also carries a beautiful story regarding its establishment. It is a two-floor bar and the upper floor used to be an art Gallery owned by Giannis Galatis, a descendant of an old Greek aristocratic family. When the bar moved to the much smaller ground floor, Galleraki, which means small gallery in Greek, seemed to be the most appropriate name for it!


The location of Galleraki is not the only reason behind its popularity but the diverse and innovative menu lives up to its reputation and makes Galleraki a wonderful destination for a relaxing drink and cocktail, that will lighten up the atmosphere between friend groups or will spice up the mood for couples planning a romantic date.

More specifically, the menu includes a variety of juices and cocktails that are made from fresh and locally collected fruits, with care in the detail, from the professional and highly experienced mixologists-bartenders. Among many juices and cocktail options, every guest can find a combination of rum, vodka, gin, or tequila that will satisfy and mesmerize its taste buds. Except for the traditional drinks found in every bar, Galleraki gives guests the opportunity to try the famous and creative signature cocktail “katerinaki”, or test their own creativity and limits by asking the barmen to make some personalized special drinks taking into account the guests’ preferences.


A complete visit to a beautiful bar like Galleraki has to include the appropriate company to the fruity refreshing taste of cocktails: tasteful music! Galleraki has created enjoyable compilations of songs made by Greek producers and well-known DJs that will create the perfect chill-out mood every vacation aims to and will make guests swing calmly along with the rhythm of the songs while holding and enjoying their drink!


Galleraki does not have to be a spur of the moment for everyone, it can accommodate planned events, for guests that would like Galleraki and the experienced and hospitable crew of the bar to host their parties or other exciting and happy life moments, and ensure a great time for them and their loved ones!

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