SCARPA: The authentic Greek bar experience

SCARPA: The authentic Greek bar experience

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Life with a full-time job, family, responsibilities and a hectic routine can be exhausting. A full year of that lifestyle can easily wear someone down. There is only one solution to that: Vacations.

Take a few days off, spoil yourself with vacations on one of the world’s most famous destinations, Mykonos. A Greek island with all the natural beauties, alluring beaches, and entertaining activities that will guarantee a relaxing and fun time!

While in Mykonos, you cannot miss out on all the bars around the island, that can introduce you to the authentic Greek coffee or drinking culture, the musical company (every moment in Greece has a soundtrack!), and the party vibes floating in the air.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to explore this entertaining side of the Greek islands, let me introduce you to Scarpa Bar!


Scarpa Bar is located on the west side of the island, inside Mykonos town, close to the old port and less than 4 km away from the new port, a 10-minute drive for a relaxing all-day quality drink!

It has to be mentioned that Scarpa is located in a part of Mykonos Chora called Little Venice. A neighborhood built in the 18th century that combines the romantic and architectural features of Venice in Italy and the color palette that everyone thinks of when they have in mind the traditional Greek Myconian picturesque houses. This area of Mykonos is the perfect spot for inspiring Instagram photoshoots! Little Venice does not only provide an overlook of the Myconian windmills but also a breathtaking view of the sun that dives into the Aegean Sea as far as the eye can see in the evening and creates a mesmerizing romantic sunset. While sitting at Scarpa enjoying your refreshing drink hiding from the scorching Greek sun, you can hear and smell the aroma of the waves exactly under the stone bench, the only thing between you and the sea.


Scarpa is an all-day entertaining destination. It can provide guests with the authentic morning experience of a traditional Greek cafe. The menu includes great quality coffee (don’t forget to try out the strong Greek coffee!), along with juices made of fresh fruits and delicious snacks for a breakfast or brunch that will keep you energetic the whole day! In the morning Scarpa creates an atmosphere that will feel like taking your coffee inside a yacht while looking out into the sea.


In the night, the vibe around Scarpa changes! The atmosphere turns into a Greek hype party. Of course, Scarpa’s menu also changes, and it is time for the cocktails and drinks to “spice up” the night! The menu includes a wide variety of old-time classic cocktails that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. One can also find, colorful, refreshing, and innovative cocktails (some with a delicious fruity taste) that are made with great care from Scarpa’s professional and highly experienced mixologists/bartenders.


When the day continues and midnight comes along time in Scarpa stops! The romantic little chic getaway café or bar turns into a vibrant club that can shake up Little Venice and lure them into the Greek party vibe that every tourist in Mykonos has to experience. Till the sun comes up again the next day, Scarpa turns up the massive, quality sound system that will make every guest dance along with the rhythms of house music and create the most enthusiastic crowd for a highly entertaining performance!  Well-known DJs and local amazingly talented performers will guarantee an unforgettable night out!



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