Nightlife in the SKANDINAVIAN BAR

Nightlife in the SKANDINAVIAN BAR

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Long hours of work every day and all kinds of responsibilities can lead to a very repetitive, non-exciting routine. Don’t lose yourself in that routine! There are many ways to find excitement in life and gain experiences that will remain unforgettable. Travelling is, definitely, on top of that list!

Take a few days off, plan a relaxing vacation that will take your mind off from everyday worries, and make sure mental and physical relaxation is on your traveling to-do list.

Try to get away from the classic destinations that involve touring around cities with an incredibly fast pace of life. Find the perfect place that will turn into a dream-like paradise of relaxation, combined, of course, with unforgettable experiences that will “make the cut” to your hyped life moments.

Mykonos meets all these qualifications and more! Apart from having a relaxing time at the alluring beaches of the island and a delicious meal at the traditional Greek taverns, Mykonos is famous all around the world for its exciting and highly entertaining nightlife.

Mykonos has numerous bars, clubs, and discos that are worthy of visiting, and one of these, recommended by locals and visitors, is the famous SKANDINAVIAN bar-disco.


Skandinavian is a classic highly recommended bar for the perfect night out with a long history since its establishment in 1978.

The Skandinavian bar-disco is located in Chora, the center of Mykonos, on the west side of the island. It is less than  4 km away from the port of Mykonos, less than an easy 10-minute drive. It is, also, a five-minute drive from the beautiful sight of the old port of Mykonos, right next to Little Venice. Little Venice is a romantic neighborhood in Mykonos, combining the architectural characteristics of Venice, Italy, and some authentic Greek elements that showcase in the light of the Myconian sunset. The  Skandinavian bar-disco is part of the beautiful Myconian traditional alleys, in perfect harmony with the white and light blue features of the houses, the beautiful simplicity of the Cycladic style.



The layout of the Skandinavian bar-disco gives guests many opportunities to plan out their perfect “Greek by night” experience according to their preferences. It consists of different compartments with different vibes. More specifically, there are three different bars. Two bars downstairs with access to a beautifully and traditionally decorated courtyard for everyone that wants to experience an outdoor club experience with the fresh night breeze of the island even during the scorching hot of the summer months. There is, also, an upstairs area that includes a bar with a spacious dancefloor, that gets packed with people singing and dancing along with the rhythm of the music, taking the hype party vibes of the Skandinavian through the roof.

Speaking of music, well-known DJs and artists from around the world make sure that every night of the summer the party does not stop. Trendy, groovy, and hype playlists play till the sun rises, being the best companion for having a dance session with a group of friends, just having a drink with a significant other, or taking the chance to meet new people, locals, or other visitors, making friends or flirting.

Of course, an integral part of the authentic Greek nightlife experience is the Greek drinking culture. The Skandinavian bar-disco offers a long list of drinks, beverages, and cocktails that can “spice up” the mood. The friendly staff of the bar is ready to recommend both classic options that will satisfy everyone’s likings and new creative drinks that are made by highly professional and experienced bartenders.


For anyone looking for a more luxurious night out, a real VIP experience in Myconian style,  The Skandinavian bar-disco offers the signature Bottle Service. Entrance without waiting, a private table with specially assigned waitstaff and security, and many options of juices that go along with the bottle of your choice, are just some of the perks of choosing the VIP pass in the Skandinavian.

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