Mykonos to Paros an amazing cruise!

Mykonos to Paros an amazing cruise!

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Experience the Greek beauties of Mykonos and Paros with an amazing cruise!

Are you in the middle of booking your vacation to paradise-like Greece? Don’t limit your journey through the natural beauties and entertainment options that Greece has to offer! With a day-long cruise on the luxurious yacht FERRETTI 59, you can experience mesmerizing secluded beaches with golden sand, breathtaking views, picturesque villages, and delicious meals in multiple Greek paradises, such as the worldwide known Mykonos and Paros. Let’s take a closer look at the many different opportunities a cruise like this can offer! The following itinerary renders a suggestion from the yacht’s experienced staff and captain. However, it can differ according to the weather conditions but also according to the guests’ preferences after discussion with the captain.  


This relaxing cruise in a luxurious yacht, the journey through some of Greece’s most visited places, usually starts at around 11:00 am. The yacht departs from the village Ornos in Mykonos. Ornos has located approximately 2 km, less than a 10-minute drive, outside of the center of Mykonos, Chora. It is a quiet picturesque village, especially welcoming for tourists, with many coffee shops and taverns, with the view of the small, yet busy, port of Ornos, where many locals’ fishing boats and luxurious yachts are preparing for their next journey in the waters of the Aegean and around the Cycladic islands. Thus, while waiting for the departure of the FERRETTI 59 do not hesitate to start your entertainment early with an exploration of Ornos, one of Mykonos’ most tourist attractions during the summer season. 

Your cruise starts with a one-hour journey, through the Aegean waters and the soft sound of the waves moving along with the yacht. The first stop is the center city of the well-known Paros, Naoussa. Naoussa is located on the north side of the island and it is considered one of the most beautiful places on the Greek tourist guide. Before exploring further the city of Naoussa though, it is probably time for a refreshing swim a relaxing getaway from the scorching heat of the Greek summer months. And what better spot to have a swim than at the Monastery! A beach with crystal clear waters, relatively shallow for those that do not favor deep seas, and rather family-friendly. While enjoying the refreshing swim, you could choose to do some sightseeing along the way and visit the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, a traditional Myconian temple. Your experience at the Monastery hasn’t ended yet! For all the adventurous spirits on the cruise, the beach of Monastery offers a wide variety of watersports. Guests can ride the jet ski or the electric surfboard along the Aegean sea, or have fun with family and friends with the seabob or other towed water sports. 

After our stop, our journey continues with a slow cruise. The yacht makes its next stop at the marina of Naoussa and the guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of the island with the traditional white and blue houses covering the hill as the yacht approaches the bay. Then the guests can explore further the village of Naoussa, take a stroll around the beautiful narrow alleys of the island, grab some trendy souvenirs of this unforgettable trip, and, of course, have a delicious lunch at one of the taverns that serve traditional Greek dishes, a worthy gastronomical experience with different flavors and fresh local ingredients.  

A delicious meal and some time to rest are enough to restore your energy because our cruise continues! The next stop is one of our guests’ favorite destinations, the well-known beach of Kolibithres, the perfect spot for an afternoon swim. It is considered a rather unique beach as the sand in some places is hidden under big blocks of granite that due to the waves have taken unique and beautiful shapes, definitely a mesmerizing sight to see while enjoying swimming. 

After the afternoon swim, the yacht slowly starts its way back to Mykonos, an hour-long, yet relaxing and beautiful cruise, as you get to experience an authentic Greek sunset from the luxurious yacht. Disembarkation is at around 7:00 pm.  


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