A drink in a Mykonos Alley

A drink in a Mykonos Alley

by admin

Take a step back, a deep breath, and a break from your everyday routine. It’s time for vacation! Forget about work and responsibilities, grab your phone and search for some dream-like destinations that would make your vacation unforgettable.
Of course, vacation has to fulfill some requirements: many opportunities for relaxation, physical as well as mental relaxation, alluring beaches, an attractive tan, a refreshing swim during the scorching heat of the summer months, and of course a refreshingly delicious drink that matches the vibes of the vacation.
I have the perfect recommendation that puts a tick in all of these boxes: Mykonos, Greece. The perfect destination for everyone looking to spend a few days on a paradise on earth! Mykonos offers all of the above, and much more to explore along with its unique Myconian and ancient Greek elements found across the island.
While in Mykonos make sure to plan out your days carefully, so you won’t miss out on all the beauties the island has to offer. The area of the old port of Mykonos, the beach bars full of Mykonos’ golden sand on Paradise Beach or Kalo Livadi, and the spots blessed with the view of the Myconian sunset are just a few of the numerous attractions throughout Mykonos.
However, these places can make a perfect journey during the day, what about the night? The nightlife in Mykonos can be crazy, with non-ending party vibes all across the island making up an authentic Greek experience every visitor has to explore. And I know exactly the place that can teach any guest everything they need to know about the Greek drinking culture! Let me introduce you to the Alley Bar!
The Alley Bar is located on the west side of the island, inside Chora, the center of Mykonos, it is less than 4km away from the main port of the island that welcomes tourists from around the world to the dream-like destination of Mykonos. It is also located only a 5-minute drive away from the old port, a spot surrounded by many restaurants, cafés, a7nd bars. The distinct feature of the Alley Bar mainly lies within its location! As its name suggests it is in one of the classic traditional Myconian narrow alleys that create a labyrinth throughout the island. I invite you to get lost inside these alleys and explore the hidden beauties of Greece! The bar fits in perfect harmony with the traditional architectural features of the Cycladic islands. The bright, eye-catching color palette of white and blue makes Alley Bar an authentic Myconian spot to hang around. Alley bar also carries some modern decoration features to give off Greek vibes while making every guest comfortable and appealing to visitors from around the world. The Alley Bar is also close to the classic Myconian attraction of little Venice, a walk through a small neighborhood that resembles the romantic site and architecture of Venice in Italy, along with some distinct Myconian characteristics, making up a magical experience for every tourist exploring Mykonos’s Chora.
However, don’t wander too much or too far away because when the sun starts going down and the dancing lights that accompany the Greek nightlife start shining throughout the Chora, the Alley Bar is the place to be! The bar was established in 2012 and in a short period of time, it has made a name for itself. Every local or previous guest will recommend testing that reputation for yourself. The bar’s menu includes a wide variety of drinks, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds, even the most detailed or demanding drinkers. Alley Bar’s staff is not there just to serve, the bar’s mixologists/bartenders are professionally trained and very experienced to provide guidance to an introduction into the Greek drinking culture or a fun, and unforgettable night out. The bartenders can listen to the guests’ preferences, dislikes, and general mood, suggest the appropriate drink, or, even better, make up a new creative drink that will “spice up” the night. Of course, throughout the night Alley Bar is filled with the sound of groovy or hype music, the perfect companion for a drink!

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