A trip to the hidden beauties of Donousa and Iraklia

A trip to the hidden beauties of Donousa and Iraklia

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If you are planning your vacation in Greece, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, Greece is a destination with many different options and opportunities that can fit the style of every traveler. However, do not settle for a conventional vacation!

I suggest you try to combine different experiences and make your vacation a full, entertaining, yet relaxing, unforgettable memory. What better way to do that than with a day trip ?! And not just any trip, but a luxurious one in a yacht FERRETTI 59! This trip offers you the chance to experience the hidden gems of some beautiful Greek islands apart from the worldwide ones like Mykonos and Santorini. Take a trip like a local and unlock the authentic Greek traveling experience! 

More specifically, one of the many trip options I suggest is the one that includes both the islands of Donousa and Iraklia, two beautiful relatively small islands that are part of an island complex known as Small CycladesDonousa is located east of Naxos and north of the island of Amorgos with only 160 permanent residents. On the other hand, Iraklia is located south of Naxos, it is the island that is the furthest west of the Small Cyclades, and a small paradise with the same small number of residents. 


Donousa is considered one of the hidden gems of the Aegean, not known among the tourist destinations, perfect for travelers that would like to experience, within a day, the Greek beauties with a bit more privacy. First of all, upon arrival, a stroll around Stavros is a must! Stavros is the biggest village on the island, including the island’s port. It is an especially picturesque village that carries the authentic Cycladic features of narrow alleys between white and blue houses. While in Stavros, feel free to explore the tastes of Greece, with some delicious fresh surf and turf meals offered at the traditional taverns near the port. 

A trip like this cannot go on without a stop for a refreshing swim during the scorching heat of the summer months. Donousa has many different options beaches to offer. If you are looking for a slightly more organized beach, try the crystal clear waters of Stavros, a beach located right next to the island’s port.

However, I dare you to be a bit more adventurous and put on your explorer’s face by visiting some of the island’s secluded beaches. For example, Kedros is a beach considered worth visiting! It is located near the main port of the island and it offers a unique experience of turquoise waters with golden sand and a unique sight! Visitors can see the remains of a German shipwreck from WW2. 

Livadi and Fikio are, also, some beautiful beaches that are accessible only by sea and, as they are unorganized, they can offer a relaxing, quiet swim at a place that captures the essence of pure nature and privacy! 


Iraklia offers an even more remote experience of the Greek beauties as it does not obtain organized beaches and its activities and sights remain far from those available among mass tourist destinations. 

More specifically while in Iraklia you have to visit the beach of Livadi. It is located on the east part of the island and it is an especially long beach with nothing but a majestic landscape of golden sand. It is the perfect place for a swim and a long walk, which can easily be a romantic stroll for those traveling with their significant others. 

Another amazing sight for a swim is considered to be the beach of Agios Georgios located right next to the port of the island and, thus, easily accessible. It is a long beach with turquoise waters and some trees that offer a simple shade to the visitors and complete the beautiful natural scenery of the beach and the calming atmosphere that spreads across the island. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious traditional Greek treats that can be found in the quaint taverns of the Cycladic village!


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