Milos the unforgettable island

Milos the unforgettable island

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Undoubtfully, a vacation in Greece can be overwhelming to plan out, as Greece can offer numerous destinations: islands, seafront destinations, the capital’s beauty, mountainside beautiful sites, and much more. However, with a bit of organizing you can find the perfect vacation plan for yourself, a few relaxing days off, sunbathing on the golden sand of some secluded beach, or a few days of never-ending partying! Do not hesitate to combine different destinations to create a full of memories and entertaining opportunities, exciting vacation plan! 

Having said that, the trip that would be at the top of everyone’s (even native people’s) list is a trip to the beautiful island of Milos! Milos has been awarded as one of the upcoming best vacation destinations throughout Europe for the year 2021 and judging from previous visitors’ remarks, Milos is an island worthy of visiting as it lives up to its reputation. Of course, that trip ought to be a self-love experience with loved ones, thus try spoiling yourself a bit and turn your trip to Milos into a luxurious yacht experience with a FERRETTI 59. This trip can be completely tailored to your preferences, spontaneous curiosity, and wishes (after the necessary consultation with the yacht’s crew and captain, to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip). 


Milos is part of the Greek island complex known as the Cyclades, and it is located on the southwest part of the Cyclades, further southwest of the worldwide known islands of Paros and Naxos. Milos offers some unique sites, especially colorful landscape, and mesmerizing coastline, as a result of its volcanic origins. It is the home of many beautiful spots and exotic beaches that make Milos known for the romance that floats in its atmosphere. Thus, Milos is considered the perfect trip destination for every couple seeking a romantic quiet getaway. 


Plaka is the main village and capital of the island. During your visit do not forget to stroll around Plaka’s narrow alleys through the whitewashed houses that showcase the Cycladic architectural characteristics with blue details. Throughout Plaka, you can find many traditional Greek café and taverns, that offer a great Mediterranean gastronomical experience, from e everyday Greek snacks and drinks to delicious surf 


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