Santorini: 5 Best Restaurants with a Sunset View

Santorini: 5 Best Restaurants with a Sunset View

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Long regarded as the most stunning Greek island, Santorini also has the most cosmopolitan appeal. As a result, Santorini’s top eateries are those that combine exceptional cuisine with breathtaking scenery. In Santorini, long, unhurried lunches are the norm. On the island, dining at sunset is a must-do activity that is especially romantic on a warm summer night. Santorini is renowned for its spectacular sunsets. This explains why dining at sunset in Santorini is so highly regarded. It is a truly wonderful experience to enjoy wine with shrimp and mezze at golden hour. Or, after dark, have rich lobster spaghetti and warm grape leaves.

The top restaurants in Santorini are highlighted below, with an emphasis on those that provide stunning views.


One of the best ways to see the sunset in Santorini is to eat a meal at a restaurant like Ombra at Esperas Santorini, which serves some of the best prawns in the Aegean. It is believed to be one of the island’s greatest locations for a romantic sunset date. Meanwhile, the cuisine is incredibly customized and incredibly fresh.

The restaurant has a flawless 5-star rating as a result.

You may anticipate a number of traditional Greek dishes at this restaurant as their menu tries to accent the distinctive elements of Greece. Excellent gyros and souvlaki are available at Ombra, both with meat and vegetarian options, cooked with mushrooms.


The lobster spaghetti at Sunset Taverna is renowned for being extremely luscious. Other than that, anticipate a broad selection of fresh, locally caught fish served at tables placed right on the stunning Ammoudi Bay waterfront. It is referred to as “the most famous lobster spaghetti in the Cyclades.” Everyone has dined here for the past 30 years to try the top-secret recipe, from A-list celebrities to New York Times culinary critics.


Red Bicycle, an elegant hideaway in Oia that is a must-visit for foodies staying nearby, is housed in a 19th-century estate on a cliffside. One of Santorini’s more upscale dining establishments, it’s perfect for a fancy late-night meal, a romantic lunch, or dinner. Ensure a luxury stay nearby this gastronomical heaven with an amazing sunset view in the Senior Suite!

It is one of the more upscale restaurants on the island because of its upgraded takes on European classics. People who are bored of Greek food and wish to explore more unique flavors will love the restaurant’s worldwide influences.


In Ammoudi Port, Taverna Katina is another excellent option for enjoying seafood that is as fresh as it can be. It is a very informal, well-liked vintage fish restaurant that is easily recognized by its distinctive orange chairs. We really do mean it when we claim that the restaurant is directly on the water.

You’ll understand why a sunset supper at Tavern Katina is such a special local experience when you sit in one of these orange seats just feet from the lapping surf. This restaurant isn’t fancy—not even close—but regulars keep visiting the tavern because of the welcoming, unpretentious freshness of the food. Additionally, the dishes are enormous, and the pricing is reasonable for a top Santorini seaside restaurant.

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Imerovigli’s Blue Note Restaurant is a quaint, peaceful restaurant best renowned for its substantial, homemade moussaka. Unhindered views of the volcano, the harbor, and a broad swath of the boat-filled Aegean waters may be seen from the dining area. It’s a lot more tranquil setting than any other dining establishment in Oia or Fira. However, that is also a component of Imerovigli’s appeal. Although there is less glamour in this area of the island than in others, the unrestricted pace of life and service feels like the peak of relaxation.

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