Best Spots to Take photos in Santorini

Best Spots to Take photos in Santorini

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Living in the moment is important, especially in our days when stress has taken over our lives. However, when we captivate these moments we have the opportunity to relive them later, turning moments into unforgettable memories that we can share with our friends and family. And why not build an aesthetic and beautiful Instagram feed at the same time?!

Santorini is the best choice for a vacation that will fill your camera roll with unbelievably gorgeous photos not only of you having the time of your life walking along the particularly aesthetically pleasing narrow alleys of Santorini filled with the traditional white and blue houses but also photos of the beautiful surroundings that make up this paradise on earth called: Santorini!

So let’s see a list of some of the most “Instagramable” photogenic places in Santorini, which include breathtaking sunsets, cliffside views, crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, and popular historical moments with amazing architectural designs.


The town of Oia is established on the Caldera cliffs overlooking the coast, where the white-washed homes and structures shine in the sunlight every day. These cliffs, with cascading white homes and windmills in the background, are what people visualize when they think of the Greek Isles. If you’re planning on using these cliffside structures as the background for your next batch of Instagram pics, make sure to wait until the sunset is far enough along so that the white walls start to turn orange. You can position yourself halfway up the labyrinthine alleyways so that the cliff settlement’s many levels can be seen in the background.


The majestic volcano, the glistening Aegean Sea, and the unclouded horizon may all be seen from the castle of Agios Nikolaos. It is stated that the view across Amoudi Bay from Oia Castle offers the best opportunity to see the landscape’s changing hues as the sun sets.


The blue-domed churches are prominently displayed as one of the town’s most endearing attractions, standing side by side on the magnificent caldera cliffside, overlooking the Mediterranean crystal-clear waters. They are most likely the Cyclades’ most picturesque churches, providing even more beauty to the picture-postcard setting! They may both be reached on foot by traveling through the congested lanes of Oia and both exhibit a classic type of Cycladic architecture. There are two similar blue-domed churches: Anastasi Church and Agios Spyridon Church.


The charming village of Pyrgos is located south of Fira, the famous Santorini town. The Pyrgos Kasteli, a medieval castle that is considered one of the most beloved sites of religious value for the local community, is a remarkable location for creative and lovely photographs. Of the five castles from that century on the entire island, it is among the best maintained. The ancient architecture and the white-washed walls provide an artistic view, and there are many places to sit, stand, and move around, so there are surely photo chances to document its rich history.


On the western side of the island, at Fira, the center of Santorini, there is a bit more activity in terms of a cosmopolitan social scene. People are drawn in by the variety of accommodations and the number of eateries and shopping establishments. In Fira, there are two cathedrals that are interesting to see for their cultural significance. The stunning views where the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is located stare out onto the ocean making up the perfect background for some stunning pictures.


This hotspot is a group of rocks and ruins that offers stunning views of the Greek islands and seas nearby. Skaros Rock is approximately a 30-minute hike and the route is replete with picturesque scenery. Particularly towards dusk, when the sky turns orange and the sun’s rays of all colors dive into the ocean.


The Kastra Oia Houses, which are situated at the further end of Oia hamlet, are the “pink house” that you see all over Instagram. You can stay in one of their luxurious rooms with balconies and hot tubs that look out over the Aegean Sea. The same people that own the hotel also own a fantastic restaurant where you can eat authentic Greek cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, you are not required to dine or stay here in order to get stunning images of the hotel’s stunning pink exterior. It’s also directly off the beaten path if you’re taking the steps down to Ammoudi Bay.


One of Santorini’s most iconic sights is the well-known Oia windmill, which adds to the island’s stunning scenery and can be seen in many photographs shot by tourists from all over the world. The windmill serves as a reminder of the island’s past even though it is no longer in use. Near the majestic Oia windmill, which faces the Aegean and is clearly visible from a distance, are a few eateries, pubs, and lodging options. The area features some of the island’s most exquisite sunsets.


Perhaps the most well-known and stunning beach in Santorini. It is also regarded as one of Greece’s most breathtaking beaches. It is close to the historic site of Akrotiri and is situated in the neighborhood of Akrotiri. A cliff and enormous rocks surround the tiny cove. The beach gets its name from the reddish-brown color of the surrounding soil and sand. Red and black pebbles can be found on the beach. These hues come from the lava monoliths left behind by the ancient volcano. Influencers and photographers travel here to capture a few images of this strange terrain. It is included as one of the island’s main attractions in travel publications.



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