MILOS: Best Restaurants For a Delicious Greek Meal!

MILOS: Best Restaurants For a Delicious Greek Meal!

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Let’s see some of the best restaurants in Milos, ideal places for a delicious and authentic Greek meal!

As one of the future top holiday spots in all of Europe for 2021, Milos is an island that is deserving of a visit since it lives up to its reputation.  Of course, this trip should be a time for self-love with close friends and family, so treat yourself a little and make your trip to Milos an extravagant yacht adventure with a FERRETTI 590. After consulting with the yacht’s crew and captain to guarantee a safe and comfortable cruise, this excursion can be totally customized to your tastes, idling curiosities, and desires.

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Milos is a member of the Greek group of islands named Cyclades and is located farther southwest of Paros and Naxos, two of the Cyclades’ more well-known islands.  As a product of its volcanic origins, Milos provides some remarkable sights, especially a colorful terrain and captivating coastline. Milos is home to numerous picturesque locations and exotic beaches. As a result, Milos is regarded as the ideal vacation spot for each and every couple searching for a peaceful and romantic holiday.



Yialos offers breathtaking views, especially after sunset, as it is located directly on Pollonias‘ waterfront. There is something for everyone since they serve a wide range of delicious cuisine, from delicious salads to fresh seafood.

Sea bream Carpaccio, open lasagna with veggies & prawns, and Bluefin tuna tataki are some of the most well-liked seafood meals here. However, there are also other options provided if you don’t like fish, such as chicken meals or black Angus filets.

Yialos has a lot to offer, including tables on the sand, exquisite meals, and a large wine and drink list. If you’re visiting Pollonia, it’s a must-have eating experience.

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Another well-liked option for dining in Pollonia is Armenaki. The seafood restaurant is a few meters from the water, so you can take in the scenery as you eat.

You can be sure that everything you order will be fresh because the menu changes according to the season and the supply of fresh, local ingredients. But be sure to order the mussels if you’re fortunate enough to eat here while they’re still on the menu! They are tasty and a beloved dish by many residents and visitors.

Additionally, Armenaki has a significant wine selection and takes great care to create the ideal food combinations. When they can, the owners arrange wine-tasting excursions around Greece so they can sample a wide range of wines and pair them with the ideal meal.



Make sure to go to Enalion Restaurant if you’re looking for the best dining options in Milos. This seaside restaurant is well-known for its exquisite Greek meals, tranquil ambiance, and top-notch service.

Traditional cuisine is the main focus of Enalion Restaurant, which uses mostly fresh, pure, and regional ingredients. The “catch of the day,” the fisherman’s fish soup, and lobster are a few of the highlights. Don’t worry, though, if you’ve had your share of seafood. In addition to these dishes, Enalion also offers eggplant, minced beef meatballs, and marinated lemon chicken. There are also a ton of wonderful dessert options available here, such as their chocolate pie and orange pie.



Mikros Apoplous is located right on Adamas’s waterfront and is a mix between a restaurant and a bar. With its charming atmosphere, idyllic views, and delicious seafood, Mikros Apoplous has gained the reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Milos.

Some of its most popular dishes include Mediterranean tartar, casserole with fresh sea bass, and grilled shrimp. Mikros Apoplous also has plenty of mouth-watering desserts on offer including creme brulee, banoffee pie, and chocolate pie with ice cream.

It’s also the perfect place to relax with a drink afterward as there’s an extensive wine list, plenty of cocktail options, and of course, beers. Although perfect at any time of day, this restaurant is especially beautiful at sunset.


Don’t miss this location if you want to check out the best restaurants in Milos. If you’re seeking something other than fish, the ideal location to go is Gyros of Milos.

If it wasn’t obvious, this establishment offers excellent gyros. There are many other tasty fillings available as well, and you really must taste the souvlaki and tzatziki while you are there. In addition to the fantastic and affordable meals, this location is ideal for chilling with a drink or jug of Sangria.

Since this is among the busiest restaurants on Milos, expect a line to enter. Gyros of Milos also offers takeout, making it a simple and useful option if you’re searching for a lunch that you can eat quickly.


Let’s face it, ice cream consumption is a major component of summer vacation. Fortunately, Milos has lots of choices, however, this is one of the most well-known ones!

Numerous mouthwatering varieties are available at Aggeliki Ice Cream Shop, such as hazelnut, salted caramel, white chocolate, and Kinder. Even better, you can add your own unique toppings to your ice cream, from praline to crumbled biscuits. Along with these delicious goodies, they also sell waffles, pancakes, and tarts. Also remember to try out the cheesecake, banoffee pie, and pavlova!

The breakfast and brunch menu includes omelets, toast, and brioche if you’d prefer something more savory.







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