MYKONOS: Top Luxurious Villas for Amazing Vacations!

MYKONOS: Top Luxurious Villas for Amazing Vacations!

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Let’s review some of the top villas you can book for your luxurious vacation in Mykonos, the paradise of Greece!

On Mykonos, experiencing a truly Greek summer means taking advantage of the island’s legendary nightlife and never-ending beach days without sacrificing the luxuries that everyone looks forward to as an escape from their normal routine.

Thus, living in a high-end, luxurious villa for a few days while on vacation in Mykonos can be truly magical!



When visitors arrive on the island, Villa Minerva is conveniently situated in the center of the island, only 5 kilometers from Mykonos Town and 4 km away from the airport and port.  The villa is perched on the edge of a hill in Agios Lazaros, giving guests a breathtaking view of Mykonos island. They can also enjoy a magnificent sunrise over the Aegean or the nearby Cyclades islands, as well as the twirling lights of Mykonos at night as the energy of Greek nightlife, overwhelms the atmosphere.

There are 240 square meters of pure luxury in this idyllic setting! It has room for up to 6 people. The main bedroom, which features a super king-sized bed and a bathroom is located on the upper floor of the villa. The previously mentioned breathtaking view is also guaranteed by a private balcony. Another master bedroom with all the amenities and a spectacular view of the pool and the valley is located at the pool level. There are three guestrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor. Among them is a suite with a lounge, easily accessible to the outdoor swimming pool area, making it the ideal place to cool off in the morning.

Villa Minerva offers a dining area where guests may enjoy delightful meals while taking in the breathtaking view, as well as a living room space with stylish, traditional white but modern décor. A fully equipped kitchen is also available on this floor for any visitors who wish to make a simple snack or practice their culinary abilities on some classic Greek dishes.

Villa Minerva offers its visitors an infinity pool with a jacuzzi so they can cool off without having to go to the neighboring beach, as well as air conditioning in every room and every common area to ensure a comfortable night’s rest and relaxation throughout the day. Villa Minerva is regarded as a summer resort, but it’s the ideal vacation spot all year round! It has a fireplace and an indoor jacuzzi so that you can have a luxurious stay even during the chilly winter months.

To see more details about your stay in Villa Minerva click here!



Super Paradise Villa takes great care to ensure that its visitors have relaxing vacations! Therefore, a built-in spa guarantees these magnificent relaxing experiences that can divert the guests’ attention from a busy, stressful routine. The outdoor area doubles as a guest entertainment area with a large dining table, a BBQ, and a roomy bar that are all set up for a great get-together with delectable meals and drinks to give everyone a taste of the Greek summer!

But enough about the Villa’s exterior—a look inside will assure visitors of a lavish and comfortable stay! Of course, the most basic amenities include a fully functional kitchen, ideal for experimenting with Greek food, and a lovely sitting area. Five bedrooms, each with a bathroom and either a queen bed or two twin beds may sleep a total of 10 people on the floor below. With air conditioning in every room, guests are guaranteed a comfortable stay despite the heat of Greek summer days. TV and Wi-Fi are of course available for the guests’ amusement even within the Villa.

But as was already mentioned, it is a complex made up of three distinct but equally lavish and fantastic villas. Therefore, there is the ideal answer for everyone who might think a 10-person villa isn’t big enough to accommodate the pleasant experience of a big family or a huge group of friends! The three premium Villas can accommodate 24 guests when hired all at once! The Super Paradise Villas instantly transform into Party Villas for a hyped-up and wild night.

To book a few days in this luxurious villa complex click here!



Located just 5 minutes from Mykonos Old Harbor, this magnificent home is peaceful in the winter and lively in the summer when guests from around the world are welcomed. This villa is the best choice for those looking for the optimal blend of luxury and convenience because of its convenient location—just 3 km from Mykonos Airport and only four minutes from Mykonos Town Beach. The Villa is the ideal option for an unforgettable trip because of its elevated location and stunning views!

The first thing one notices while entering the building is the apartment on the ground floor. This adorable apartment offers a queen bed, a small couch bed, a beautiful kitchenette with modern appliances, and a bathroom.

As you go up to the first level, you will find a roomy outdoor jacuzzi with a magnificent sea view. Three bedrooms, a trendy kitchen equipped with a dining hall, and a large living area are all located on this floor. The first one is a gorgeous master suite with a queen bed and an attached bathroom.  The third bedroom features a queen bed, while the second room has 2 single beds. These bedrooms share a shower bathroom and a wonderful terrace with views of the ocean. The floor also has a large balcony with two sunbeds and a patio eating table.

Every inch of this area of the house exudes grace and elegance. The level has a modern kitchen, two queen-sized bedrooms, and a shower-equipped bathroom. A breathtaking terrace with an outdoor dining area and a lounge are located on the same floor and are ready to accommodate your special occasions while providing the most breathtaking views of the turquoise sea.

Find out more about this paradise of a villa here!

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