SANTORINI: Best Villas for Luxurious Vacations!

SANTORINI: Best Villas for Luxurious Vacations!

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Let’s review some of the Best Villas in Santorini! Luxurious Villas with Breathtaking Views, ideal for relaxing, yet fun, vacations!



With its lavish interiors and spacious exterior, Blue villa offers the combination of the two and guarantees an unforgettable trip to Santorini. A calm setting with a magnificent view that is close to some of the island’s top attractions. The Blue Villa is an unrivaled vacation proposal. It is located only steps from the alluring Akrotiri beachfront with its charming traditional atmosphere and abundance of sightseeing attractions. The amenities include a pool with a bar area, an outdoor cinema, and lovely spaces designed for leisure.

Both suites have a fully functional kitchen with a fridge, a large bathroom, equipped with a shower, and the essentials for personal care. The interior is also air-conditioned. Free Wi-Fi Internet connection is also available. Daily scheduled cleaning is provided, and room service is available for breakfast.

Each suite has its own pool that receives daily freshwater refills. Enjoy unlimited sunbathing sessions on the sunbeds or sip your beverage beneath the warm shade of the umbrellas at the pool.

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A 3-level complex of luxurious villas with 3 private swimming pools and an outside heated pool is where Villa Pyrgos 1 can be found. Within a 5.500 m2 plot of land with pomegranate, cypress, and olive trees as well as gardens of organic local foods. Just a few steps from the castle and the main village of Pyrgos, this whitewashed villa is situated in the picturesque island community of Pyrgos Kallistis, a well-known medieval district.

Approximately 14 guests may stay at the property comfortably.  To provide maximum privacy and provide all the amenities of home for each visitor, the villa has individual entrances on each of its three levels. Views of Santorini and the azure Aegean Sea are breathtaking from the private swimming pools and outdoor seating areas.

To see more details about your stay in Villa Pyrgos 1 click here!



Get a taste of the real beauty and elegance of the Villa Pyrgos 2 and take in the peaceful atmosphere of historic Pyrgos!

In the center of Pyrgos’ historic hamlet, there is a chic two-story mansion called The Villa Pyrgos 2. It adopts Santorini’s distinctive style of architecture, like the majority of homes in this quaint, gorgeous village. The upper level provides an incredible, breathtaking view of Santorini and the Caldera from above, while the bottom floor is partly into the volcanic soil just like the famous cave houses!

There is a wonderful kitchen, a lounge area with a magnificent dining table, a bedroom with a king-size bed and a private bathroom, and either a patio or a balcony on every level. This gorgeous villa’s interior design seamlessly combines traditional and genuine contemporary elements, and its gorgeous, vibrantly colored traditional furniture creates the ideal atmosphere for the most joyous holidays in Greece!

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The Senior Suite is genuinely unique! This beautiful suite unites the finest design aesthetic and fascinating interior architecture with the eternal unparalleled beauty of Santorini, yet it’s worlds off from the bustling streets of Oia!

This idyllic resort provides a special level of undisturbed isolation, which when paired with its captivating design and elegance makes it the perfect location for an unforgettable marriage proposal, a small ceremony, a honeymoon getaway, or even a romantic getaway.

The Senior Suite, which is defined by unmatched amenities and services, can provide true VIP services with a separate bedroom, a bathroom, a large living room with a kitchen, and an unique private patio with a cave Jacuzzi.

You can see the Caldera, one of the most recognized landscapes, from this particular terrace. The famous sunsets, which have been captured on film by travelers from all over the world, are the star of this scene.

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The Santorini Junior Suite, which is carved into the Oia Cliffside, offers a singular, breath-taking vista in addition to genuine elegance and luxury classic design.

The Santorini Junior Suite is equipped with everything you need for a cozy, carefree, and enjoyable stay. Amazing views of the Caldera, the Aegean, and the well-known Oia sunset can be enjoyed from the Santorini Junior Suite. Santorini Junior Suite mimics the distinctive architecture of Santorini, as do the majority of homes in this delightful, scenic community!

This newly restored suite, which is partially buried in volcanic soil is the perfect place to spend your special nights and days at one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. The open-concept Santorini Junior Suite has a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, a large living room with a sofa bed, a gorgeous kitchen, and a private balcony. Relax in the hot Jacuzzi on the private terrace while taking in the breathtaking views of the volcano and the Aegean Sea.

With gorgeous, vividly colored classic furniture that creates the atmosphere for the nicest holidays of your life, this stunning suite’s interior design seamlessly combines traditional ambient style with a hippie touch and real futuristic interior design.

Find out more about this paradise of a villa here!

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