MILOS: The Perfect Day Cruise on a Luxurious Yacht

MILOS: The Perfect Day Cruise on a Luxurious Yacht

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Let’s see some of the most beautiful beaches of Milos you can visit while cruising on a luxurious yacht!

The Greek island of Milos is just over 150 km2 in size and is filled with picturesque towns, peaceful countryside, and natural beauty. The island is situated in the southwest corner of the Cyclades. The highly distinctive beachfront is made up of stunning, towering cliffs of all different colors and rock formations that were created by volcanic activity as far back as 90,000 BC. There are also more than 70 beaches along the coast, each of which is unique and provides either adventure, calm, or both!


MILOS Tsigrado

The magnificent sandy beach at Tsigrado is 14 kilometers away from Plaka. There is a small beach on the southern shore that is primarily made up of massive cliffs and gorgeous waters. The route that has been carved out of the cliff contains a cable and a ladder to aid in the descent, so it is not particularly suitable for children. The beach is unorganized, yet it’s peaceful, wonderful for swimming, and has beautiful scenery.

If you are afraid of heights or would rather not use the rope to descend, you can book one of the luxurious yachts described below! 



This tiny, organized beach on the south coast has a beach bar, sun loungers, and umbrellas. The beautiful volcanic cliffs in Firiplaka, a well-liked tourist attraction, are painted in shades of yellow, pink, and white. The shallow, green-blue water in the area is set among breathtaking cliffs.


Provatas Beach is 13 kilometers from Plaka, and the two best methods to get there are by car or bus. It is set up with umbrellas and loungers, as well as restaurants and coffee shops. It is best to get there before 11 a.m. because it might get quite busy. Beautiful multicolored cliffs surround the beach, which has clear water that is ideal for swimming. Even though it can be windy, it’s still suitable for kids.



Sarakiniko, in the northern section of the island, is without a doubt the most photographed place on Milos Island because of its peculiar volcanic rocks that have been worn by wind and sea into large, smooth, bone-white boulders.

This tiny cove has beautiful blue water that is deep enough for thrill-seekers to try cliff jumping yet shallow enough for kids to play in other areas. You can find your own little calm corner, despite the chaos and crowds.

Look at some more of the beautiful beaches Milos has to offer by clicking here!

While in Milos make sure to experience multiple of these paradises with a luxurious yacht trip! Let’s take a look at some yachts you could choose for your day trip according to your preferences and needs!


YACHTS princess v65

With its huge sundecks, excellent access walk-around side decks, and a salon with a sliding top and sliding door that connects the salon to the deck outside, this yacht truly represents the image of a sports motor yacht. On the V65, three fully furnished cabins may accommodate up to twelve passengers for day trips. Inside, there is a lot of glass, curved wood, and concealed lighting.

You can stretch out, read a book, nap, get some vitamin D, or chill in the sun after swimming without having to enter the cockpit. It is perfect for a good view of the sunset or even the stars at night because you can lie down and wander about the anchor.

Experience an unforgettable daily cruise with Princess V65 here!


YACHTS Ferretti 72

This luxurious yacht is 22 meters (72 feet) long overall, and its four distinct bedroom rooms can easily fit 20 guests.

The mix of luxury, speed, and elegance in one vehicle, as well as the dynamic, flowing lines, are some of the features that draw attention first. This magnificent flybridge offers light, roomy quarters that are tastefully furnished in beautiful style, resembling a penthouse encircled by water.

Due to the fact that outdoor spaces provide every imaginable comfort, there is perfect harmony between inside and out. Given the particular flair and magnificent lines that radiate majesty and style, the yacht is seductive, stealing your heart at first sight.

You can book your trip on the luxurious Ferretti 72 here!


YACHTS akhir 27

The whole length of Akhir 27 is nearly 27 m/87 ft. This lavish yacht has room for up to 25 passengers.

The interior and external designs of Akhir are what make it special. It is a yacht that was first constructed in 1996 and then remodeled in 2021, giving it a stylish yet modernized interior and the technological ability to go at 21 knots. The yacht’s relaxing area on the deck exhibits its tasteful design and is the ideal setting for social gatherings while sailing the stunning Myconian waters, sunbathing on the swimming platform or in the sun, and throwing spectacular parties while utilizing the fully functional outside bar of this extravagant yacht.

With five guest cabins, four unique bathrooms, and living accommodations for 25 visitors, Akhir 27 can offer a comfortable stay for all during day cruises around the hidden beauties of Mykonos.

View some photos of this luxurious yacht and book your dream cruise with Akhir 27 here!


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