MYKONOS: Fantastic Day Cruise on Luxurious Yachts!

MYKONOS: Fantastic Day Cruise on Luxurious Yachts!

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Let’s take a look at some incredible day cruise itineraries that can help you in discovering the wonders of Mykonos and the islands that surround it while aboard a luxurious yacht!

Choose a day trip based on your tastes and interests, and then check out some of the yachts that can make this trip even more lovely and memorable!



After an hour of yachting and taking in the azure hue of the Aegean Sea, you will reach Naoussa, the capital of Paros. You can explore the medieval village of Naoussa there as well as the charming, tiny blue-and-white alleyways of Paros while you’re there.

A magnificent 45-minute drive takes you to Panteronisia, which is halfway between Paros and Antiparos, on the next phase of the voyage. There must be a pause for diving! The turquoise waters of Panteronisia are an amazing sight that resembles a Blue Lagoon that is just ready to be explored. Offering the perfect setting for a cool swim and gorgeous summer pictures showcasing Greek beauty!

After the Panteronisia inquiry, the program offers a brief excursion that offers a breathtaking view from the yacht—a leisurely ride alongside the cliffs for about 30 minutes. But the voyage wouldn’t be complete without a gourmet exploration of regional cuisine. The next stop is at a little restaurant called Captain Pipino, which is located near the sea in Antiparos’ southern region. A delicious and filling supper can be made for you by talented chefs using the best ingredients from neighboring markets.

Disembarkation often happens at or around 8. The voyage schedule can be changed after speaking with the captain to accommodate the interests of the visitors!

Learn more about this amazing cruise here!



The journey begins with a pleasant two-hour yacht ride to Kato Koufonisi. On the southern side of Naxos, in the Koufonisia, is Kato Koufonisi. A breathtaking harbor with golden sand, exclusive beaches, and crystal-clear waters welcome the yacht as it approaches.

While this stop allows for relaxing sunbathing, it also draws thrill-seekers who want to experience the exhilaration of water sports. These consist of a wakeboard, kneeboard, and seabob.

The journey continues with a 20-minute boat to the beautiful, little, tranquil island of Schinoussa, southwest of Koufonisia. You can enjoy a delicious dinner at the upscale Greek restaurant Nikolas in Schinoussa. If you wish to stay in the water a bit longer while you’re at Schinoussa, feel free to explore some of the Cyclades’ most breathtaking unspoiled natural settings. Among the top tourist destinations in the Schinoussa region are Livadi and Tsigouri. The disembarkation often happens at 8:00 p.m.

Check out more details for this cruise here!

Complete your vacation planning by choosing the luxurious yacht that best fits your needs and preferences, ensuring the perfect daily cruise!


Ferretti 48 Flybridge

The Ferretti 48 Flybridge offers speed, comfort, and luxury along with safety while on the sea. With two seating spaces and a direct exit to the fly-bridge sunbed area, it offers a spacious interior. To maximize contact between the interior and exterior, glass dividers between the interior and cockpit can be removed. A sound system is available in every space for entertainment. Its spacious, luxurious cockpit can be used for meetings, activities, or just relaxing.  Three large cabins on the Ferretti 48 Flybridge, each with its own bathroom, can comfortably accommodate up to six people with five different resting/sleeping areas.

Book your amazing day cruise with this luxurious yacht here!


Cruiser Yacht 60 Express

Cruiser Yacht 60 Express is a top-notch American sports yacht with a unique profile and spacious interiors. The 60 Express dedicates the whole main deck to entertainment, with an open-plan interior packed with modern comforts, offering no less than five inviting venues, stretching from the bow to the swimming platform, each with a fully equipped sound system, a fully stocked bar and kitchen, access to water sports, and other amenities.

The yacht consists of three spacious cabins, each with two bathrooms ensuite and a large lower sitting space, comfortably accommodating up to six people in four different spaces.

View more pictures of this luxurious yacht here! 


primatist g41

The ground-breaking Primatist G41 was created for people who wanted to combine their love of the water and elegant, luxury aesthetics.

The ideal speedboat for traveling from one island to another or for escaping to the exotic seaside resorts and enchanted Greek beaches. With access to water sports and other amenities, two spacious sun decks, queen-sized sunbeds, and a huge opening sunroof. Primatist G41 provides a fully equipped music system for your entertainment.  As for accommodation, it offers two cabins with two ensuite bathrooms, accommodating up to four people, being the ideal place to spend time with friends or family.

If you want to spend a few days on this unique yacht click here!


ferretti altura 52s

Performance and style are combined with superior nautical knowledge and safety requirements in the motor yacht Ferretti Altura 52s. This yacht has every component required for enjoyable cruising. Every need for personal safety and comfort is met on board by top-notch distinctive features. Modern engineering ensures structural integrity and exceptional performance, the right blend of lively speed and responsive handling, offers a smooth, powerful Ferretti ride. It can accommodate up to six people in three different spaces, all equipped with the necessary amenities in order to make your accommodation comfortable.

View more details of this luxurious yacht here!







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