DONOUSA: An Unusual Day Trip on a Luxurious Yacht 

DONOUSA: An Unusual Day Trip on a Luxurious Yacht 

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Explore the beauties of Donousa with an amazing day trip. Book your ideal trip with one of the most luxurious yachts!

There are a few things you should consider when organizing your trip to Greece. First of all, Greece is a place with a wide range of possibilities and prospects that might suit every traveler’s preferences. But resist the urge to take a typical holiday!

I advise you to try to mix various activities to create a memorable holiday that is both fun and calming. Why not take a day trip to accomplish that? In addition to the well-known Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini, this tour gives you the chance to see some of the hidden treasures of these stunning islands. Discover the genuine Greek vacation experience by traveling like a local!

One of the many alternatives I recommend includes Donousa, a stunning island that belongs to the Small Cyclades. With about 160 permanent residents, Donousa is an island north of Amorgos and east of Naxos. 



Donousa is regarded as one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in the Aegean and is ideal for visitors who want to experience the Greek charms in a day with a little more privacy. The first thing you must do after arriving is to take a trip around Stavros! The largest town on the island, including the harbor, is Stavros. It is a charming village with true Cycladic characteristics like narrow streets between white and blue buildings. While visiting Stavros, feel free to taste some exquisite fresh surf and turf dishes provided at the traditional restaurants close to the port.

In the burning heat of the summer, a trip like this cannot end without a stop for a cool swim. Donousa offers a wide variety of beach attractions. Try the crystal clear seas of Stavros, a beach near the island’s harbor, if you’re seeking an organized beach.

To be a little more daring, I dare you to visit some of the island’s remote beaches while putting on your explorer’s hat. For instance, Kedros is a beach that people recommend visiting! It is located nearby the island’s main port and offers a spectacular sight, blue waves, and golden sand. A German shipwreck from WW2 is, also, an interesting sight for visitors to explore.   

Livadi and Fikio are two more stunning beaches that can only be accessible by sea, and as they are uninhabited, they can provide a tranquil, peaceful swim in a setting that embodies unspoiled nature and isolation!

Find out more information about various day trip itineraries here!

Choose one of the luxurious yachts listed below to take you on an enjoyable day excursion to Donousa!


Ferretti 48 Flybridge

The Ferretti 48 Flybridge offers speed, comfort, and luxury along with safety while on the sea. With two seating spaces and a direct exit to the fly-bridge sunbed area, it offers a spacious interior. To maximize contact between the interior and exterior, glass dividers between the interior and cockpit can be removed. A sound system is available in every space for entertainment. Its spacious, luxurious cockpit can be used for meetings, activities, or just relaxing. Three large cabins on the Ferretti 48 Flybridge, each with its own bathroom, can comfortably accommodate up to six people with five different resting/sleeping areas.

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Cruiser Yacht 60 Express

Cruiser Yacht 60 Express is a top-notch American sports yacht with a unique profile and spacious interiors. The 60 Express dedicates the whole main deck to entertainment, with an open-plan interior packed with modern comforts, offering no less than five inviting venues, stretching from the bow to the swimming platform, each with a fully equipped sound system, a fully stocked bar and kitchen, access to water sports, and other amenities.

The yacht consists of three spacious cabins, each with two bathrooms ensuite and a large lower sitting space, comfortably accommodating up to six people in four different spaces.

View more pictures of this luxurious yacht here! 


primatist g41

The ground-breaking Primatist G41 was created for people who wanted to combine their love of the water and elegant, luxury aesthetics.

The ideal speedboat for traveling from one island to another or for escaping to the exotic seaside resorts and enchanted Greek beaches. With access to water sports and other amenities, two spacious sun decks, queen-sized sunbeds, and a huge opening sunroof. Primatist G41 provides a fully equipped music system for your entertainment. As for accommodation, it offers two cabins with two ensuite bathrooms, accommodating up to four people, being the ideal place to spend time with friends or family.

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ferretti altura 52s

Performance and style are combined with superior nautical knowledge and safety requirements in the motor yacht Ferretti Altura 52s. This yacht has every component required for enjoyable cruising. Every need for personal safety and comfort is met on board by top-notch distinctive features. Modern engineering ensures structural integrity and exceptional performance, and the right blend of lively speed and responsive handling offers a smooth, powerful Ferretti ride. It can accommodate up to six people in three different spaces, all equipped with the necessary amenities in order to make your accommodation comfortable.

View more details of this luxurious yacht here!


princess42 flybridge

Princess 42 Flybridge is the perfect yacht if you’re looking for luxury. You have access to the main deck and the sun deck, each of which includes a queen-sized sun bed.

Moreover, a spacious flybridge with a large seating space and a cozy sunbed ensures your relaxation.

The luxurious Princess 42 Flybridge Yacht has two cabins with two ensuite bathrooms, and two sitting rooms (internal and external), able to accommodate up to four people. Regarding your entertainment during your relaxing cruise, Princess 42 provides a fully supplied bar and galley and a fully equipped music system among other facilities.

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