ANTIPAROS: Ideas for a Day Trip on a Luxurious Yacht

ANTIPAROS: Ideas for a Day Trip on a Luxurious Yacht

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Experience an amazing day trip to Antiparos and explore the beauties of the island while on a luxurious yacht! Don’t miss the chance!

Antiparos is a small, stunning Greek island located in the South Aegean. It is the ideal spot for a day trip if you are visiting Paros or other nearby islands because of its small size. There are numerous chances to enjoy a genuine Greek summer on the island of Antiparos. You can board a lavish yacht and explore the island’s stunning beaches, stroll through the Greek-style streets, and enjoy an exceptional meal.


If you’d rather have a quiet evening, you can unwind or enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. One of the best places for this is Sifneiko, which is by the shore. The most beautiful twilight on Antiparos, along with cool music and delectable cocktails.



In Antiparos, you can enjoy several beaches. Soros and Agios Giorgos, which are found on the island’s southern side, are the finest beaches to explore. The Soros organized beach offers the opportunity to stay all day. You have a choice between having lunch at the eatery, which offers fish and fresh salads or unwinding with a drink in one of the inviting lounges. The tranquil Antiparos neighborhood of Agios Giorgos serves as the starting point for excursions to the Despotiko island and archaeological site.



The Chora, or capital city, of Antiparos, is set along a lovely pedestrian street that is lined with shops and magnificent Cycladic houses. Most of them are decorated with colorful bougainvillea. The charming tavernas, cafés, and delicious artisan shops have made the hamlet more cheerful.

By continuing to travel until you reach the end of the road, you can reach Antiparos’ square and the historic castle. The small fortress is hidden away in the center of the neighborhood and is a peaceful stroll. The community’s major gathering place is the main square, where a charming café is placed beneath a century-old tree.

We have listed below some of the most luxurious yachts that can guarantee you a comfortable cruise and get you around the hidden beauties of the island safely!


YACHTS azimut 80

As for the specific characteristics of the yacht, Azimut 80 has an overall length of 25.20 m/80 ft, equipped with a  2xMTU 12V2000 engine. It has the capacity to accommodate 20 people that can comfortably stay in the yacht’s four different sleeping areas.

In pursuit of a top-notch maritime experience, Azimut 80 sticks out for its style, engineering, and materials that are put to use for the comfort and safety of the yacht’s passengers and crew.

The living space behind the sun pad is perfect for sunbathing in the sun while crushing through the waves or during a relaxing stop at one of the Greek islands’ breathtaking secluded beaches with turquoise waters.

The flybridge’s steering console is ideal for entertaining. The cockpit, a social setting that can provide priceless moments, mixes design and functionality with spacious seats. These social interactions can become even more entertaining and comfortable by making use of the yacht’s satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. As for the décor, the yacht’s underwater lights make cruising with the Azimut 80 during the night hours an unforgettable experience.

It could be described as an ideal yacht for a crazy never-ending party.

Book a trip with the luxurious Azimut 80 here!


YACHTS akhir 27

Akhir 27 has an overall length of almost 27 m/87 ft. This luxurious yacht can accommodate up to 25 people.

Akhir’s uniqueness lies in its interior and exterior design. It is a yacht built in 1996 and renovated in 2021, thus creating a chic, yet modernized décor with the technical ability to reach the speed of 21 knots. Its tasteful design shows in the relaxing space on the deck of the yacht, the perfect place for social gatherings while cruising the beauties of the Greek seas, sunbathing under the sun or on the swimming platform, and hosting amazing parties, making use of the fully equipped outside bar of this luxurious yacht.

Akhir 27 can provide living amenities and spacious sleeping areas for 25 guests, with five guest cabins and four different bathrooms.

View some photos of this luxurious yacht and book your dream cruise with Akhir 27 here!


YACHTS princess v65

This yacht perfectly embodies the idea of a sports motor yacht, with its enormous sun lounges, superb walk-around side decks providing accessibility, and a salon with a sliding top and a sliding door that connects the salon to the deck outside. Three exquisitely furnished cabins on the V65 can hold up to 6 people for overnight stays and up to 12 people for daily trips. Large amounts of glass are used inside, along with curved wood and hidden lighting.

Without going inside the cockpit, you can stretch out, read a book, take a nap, get some vitamin D, or relax under the sun after swimming. Because you can lie and move around the anchor, it is ideal for a clear view of the sunset or the stars at night.

Experience an unforgettable daily cruise with Princess V65 here!


YACHTS Ferretti 72

This luxurious yacht has an overall length of 22 m/ 72 ft and it can comfortably accommodate 20 people within its four different sleeping areas (equipped with a walk-in wardrobe at the master cabin for extra space for the stylish outfits that will roam around the Greek alleyways)

A few of the qualities that first catch the eye are the combination of luxury, speed, and elegance in one vehicle, as well as the dynamic, flowing lines.

This superb flybridge offers bright, spacious accommodations, elegantly decorated with exquisite design, much like a penthouse encircled by the sea. There is a perfect harmony between inside and out since exterior areas offer every conceivable comfort. The Ferretti Yacht 72 is spirited and seductive, winning your heart at first sight with her distinctive flair and stunning lines that exude majesty and style.

See more details on this luxurious yacht here!


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