Amazing Day Cruise – From Mykonos to Paros

Amazing Day Cruise – From Mykonos to Paros

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While in Mykonos take the chance to experience the beauties of Paros with an amazing day cruise! Let’s see some cruise suggestions!

You can have a first look at a variety of locations with a fantastic cruise from Mykonos to Paros in a lavish FERRETTI YACHT. The staff and captain of the luxurious FERRETTI 590 are available at all times to ensure that each guest has a pleasurable yet relaxing journey.



Starting around 11:00 am, this relaxing yacht trip takes you through some of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations. The yacht leaves from the Mykonos village of Ornos. Approximately 2 kilometers, or less than a ten-minute drive, separate Ornos from Chora, the hub of Mykonos. The small, vibrant harbor of Ornos is where numerous local fishing boats and lavish yachts are getting ready for their next voyages in the Aegean Sea and throughout the Cycladic islands.  Don’t be afraid to start your fun early while you’re waiting for the FERRETTI 590 to depart by exploring Ornos, one of Mykonos’ most popular summertime attractions.

A one-hour ride over the Aegean Sea and the tranquil sounds of the waves as the boat moves through the ocean marks the beginning of your cruise. The well-known Paros central city of Naoussa is the first destination. On the Greek travel guide, Naoussa, which is on the island’s northern coast, is recognized as one of the most stunning locations. However, it is definitely time for a cool dip to escape the sweltering heat of Greek summers before continuing to explore Naoussa. The Monastery is a great place to swim, of course! A family-friendly beach with waters that are crystal clear, and rather shallow for people who prefer not to swim in deep waters. You could decide to stop along the road and do some sightseeing or explore the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, a typical Mycenaean temple. You still have much to learn from the Monastery! The beach at Monastery provides a variety of watersports for all adventurous cruisegoers. Visitors can enjoy towed water activities like the seabob or the jet ski, as well as electric surfboard rides in the Aegean Sea.

After stopping, we slowly cruise the rest of the way. The yacht reaches its next stop in the marina of Naoussa, where the visitors may take in the breathtaking scenery of the island with the classic white and blue residences filling the slopes as the yacht reaches the harbor. The visitors can then continue their exploration of the village of Naoussa, stroll through the picturesque alleyways of the island, buy some chic memorabilia of their adventurous trip, and, of course, enjoy a delectable lunch at a nearby tavern that serves traditional Greek meals, a delightful culinary experience with a variety of flavors and fresh regional ingredients.

You can recharge your batteries with a nice dinner and some downtime before our voyage starts! The popular beach of Kolibithres, a great place for an afternoon swim, is the next stop, and one of our visitors’ favorite holiday destinations. It’s a pretty unique beach because the sand is sometimes covered by huge pieces of granite that have been shaped by the waves into interesting and beautiful shapes. It’s a wonderful sight to experience while swimming.

Following your afternoon swim, the boat makes a peaceful hour-long sail back to Mykonos as you get to take in an iconic Greek sunset from the luxury of the lavish yacht. At roughly 7:00 pm, passengers disembark.

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The yacht will depart from Mykonos, Ornos, at 11:00 am. You will arrive at Naoussa, the capital of Paros, after an hour of sailing on the boat while admiring the Aegean Sea’s gorgeous waters (and, if you’re lucky, perhaps making a dolphin friend along the way!). You may take a stroll through the Cycladic island’s attractive blue, and white streets and discover the picturesque village of Naoussa.

The boat will continue on an absolutely delightful 45-minute journey to Panteronisia, a location between Paros and Antiparos. There you should definitely stop for a dive! The blue waters of Panteronisia create a gorgeous panorama that is not only reminiscent of a Blue Lagoon just waiting to be discovered but also the ideal location for a cool summer swim and some stunning summer photos that showcase the beauty of Greece!

Following the Panteronisia expedition, the program calls for a 30-minute gentle cruise along the cliffs, a short excursion that offers an excellent view from the yacht. The cruise, however, would not finish without a gourmet tour of the local food. The following stop is at a little restaurant called Captain Pipino, which is right by the water in the southern area of Antiparos. With the finest ingredients gathered from local markets, experienced chefs can prepare a delicious and fulfilling feast of surf and turf for you.

You can enjoy a leisurely nearly two-hour voyage back to Mykonos after a full day of exploring the stunning Cycladic islands while taking in the sunset and the sun dipping into the Aegean Sea. Disembarkation often normally occurs at around 8. Following a consultation with the captain, the route of the trip can be modified to suit the tourists’ preferences!

Of course, luxury refers to more than just the itinerary of the trip; it also characterizes the yacht.  Throughout the voyage, you may expect to receive some delightful snacks and welcoming beverages from the hostess and captain. Fun can be prioritized above all else while on the trip! You can try out some fun water sports on some of the beaches where the yacht docks, including the classics like the jet ski or waterboard and options for the more daring types like the seabob or the electric surfboard.

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