MYKONOS: Best Clubs to Enjoy the Greek Nightlife!

MYKONOS: Best Clubs to Enjoy the Greek Nightlife!

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Ready to experience the Greek nightlife in Mykonos? Let’s look at some of the best clubs on the island!

There are numerous vacationers, including those who just want to rest and are itching for a night out at a club with loud music and a wild crowd of partygoers. Unquestionably one of the most well-known Greek islands, Mykonos is particularly known for the sense of partying that permeates the island, with several beach bars and clubs topping the list of the finest places to find entertainment.


skandinavian bar mykonos

The legendary Skandinavian has a long record and is highly recommended for the ideal night out. It was founded in 1978.

On the west side of the island, near Chora, Mykonos’s center, you can find the Scandinavian bar-disco. The distance to the Mykonos harbor is less than 4 kilometers or an easy 10-minute drive. A five-minute drive will also take you to Little Venice, which is just near Mykonos’s charming old port. Little Venice is a charming area of Mykonos that blends the Italian city of Venice’s architecture with some traditional Greek features that shine in the setting sun.

The Scandinavian bar-disco blends seamlessly with the white and light blue exteriors of the buildings and the elegant simplicity of the Cycladic design to form a part of the lovely Myconian traditional alleys.

The Skandinavian bar-layout disco offers visitors numerous chances to customize their ideal “Greek by night” experience to suit their preferences. It is made up of many spaces with various vibes. There are three separate bars, to be more precise. For anyone who wishes to have an outdoor club experience with the cool night breeze of the island even during the sweltering summer months, there are two bars downstairs with access to a beautifully and traditionally designed courtyard. Additionally, there is an upstairs room that has a bar and a large dance floor. This space frequently fills up with people singing and dancing to the music.

Speaking about music, well-known DJs and musicians from all over the world make sure that the party goes on all summer long. Trendy, groovy, and hype playlists that play till the sun rises, are the greatest companion for having a dance party with a group of friends, merely having a drink with your significant other, or taking the opportunity to meet new people, locals, or other guests, making friends or flirting.

Of course, the Greek drinking culture is a crucial component of the real Greek nightlife experience. The Scandinavian bar-disco has a wide selection of beverages, cocktails, and drinks that can “spice up” the atmosphere.


The Skandinavian bar-disco offers its famous Bottle Service for those seeking a more lavish evening out, a true VIP experience in Myconian style. A private table with specially designated serving staff and security, entrance without a line, and a wide selection of juices to go with the bottle of your choice are just a few benefits of selecting the VIP pass at the Skandinavian.

Learn more about the Skandinavian Bar here!



Tropicana is a spot out of a dream, combining a beach bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, and the beautiful landscape of Mykonos. It is situated at Paradise Beach, one of the most well-known beaches on the island, in the south of Mykonos, less than 6 kilometers from Mykonos Town.

Being one of the hottest clubs on the island, Tropicana lives up to its name! And if visitors do not want to take my word for it, the fact that Tropicana has amassed a Travel Channel rating of “World Class” as one of the Sexiest Beach Bars speaks volumes!

Tropicana gives off the impression of being a typical, yet lovely and incredibly entertaining beach club until 4:30. Guests are welcome to enjoy their coffee and beverage or a ravishing brunch while they enjoy a wonderful time tanning underneath the Greek sun, unwinding at the cozy, comfortable lounges, or going for a swim in the Aegean Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Time at Tropicana stops at 4:30, and the atmosphere changes. The Tropicana changes into a club as the DJ slowly makes his way to the stage and the partying starts!

Everyone gets up from their seats and joins the dancing bodies swaying to the beat of the upbeat music the DJ plays throughout the club when they are served energizing beverages or juices and inventive cocktails.

Along with regular clubgoers, one may run into attractive professional dancers, well-known artists, famous people, and brand representatives who are there to keep the party going and foster the carefree atmosphere that everyone seeks out on the ideal holiday to Mykonos.

Team Argy & Terry, one of the most skilled DJ teams headquartered in Mykonos, never let the guests down with their engaging and, most importantly, dance-filled sets. They also frequently bring in guest DJs from other countries to “spice up” the atmosphere.

Along with providing entertainment for visitors, Tropicana also makes an effort to appease everyone’s appetite with delectable dishes that capture the flavor of Greek cuisine using Greek-originated ingredients, such as surf and turf selections. Club sandwiches and hamburgers (with side fries) are among the most suggested meals one may have while having the ideal day at Paradise Beach. Tropicana also offers a selection of basic but tasty and satisfying comfort foods that can satisfy every finicky eater! 

Check out Tropicana here!


Through their website, Tropicana makes it simple for visitors to book a fantastic day or night. The website provides a complete map of the roomy Tropicana and gives visitors the chance to express their preferences and design the ideal personalized VIP experience.

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