TOP 5 Beach Bars in Mykonos

TOP 5 Beach Bars in Mykonos

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Let’s explore some of the best beach bars someone can visit while on vacation in Mykonos, beach bars that offer crystal waters, many amenities, relaxation, and fun!

Mykonos offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including stunning beaches, picturesque villages, traditional taverns, and bars fit for a wild night out. However, it is crucial to know where to go so that you do not miss out on the island’s hot spots!


Only 6km separate Principote from Mykonos Town, on the northern side of the island’s most beautiful beach, Panormos. Anyone seeking to spend their vacation like a Principote—a prince or princess. Principote exudes a lavish ambiance as it melds with the surrounding natural environment, the golden beach, and the handmade umbrellas.

One can take their degree of relaxation to the next level by scheduling a professional massage with Principote’s skilled staff. The best circumstances for snorkeling may be found at Panormos Beach, which features an intriguing underwater environment for the more bold and adventurous visitors!

The Principote Restaurant deserves special notice since it offers a wide range of dishes that can satisfy every palate, always with the assurance of the finest ingredients and expert cooking. The restaurant occupies three roomy terraces that are conveniently located near the beach and offer a never-ending view of the captivating Panormos Sea.


Several amenities are available to Super Paradise‘s fortunate visitors! More precisely, roomy, comfy loungers ensure the perfect location for sunbathing. A hookah and shisha can serve as your “friend” at the same time. Also, the Super Paradise Beach Club provides massage treatments so that visitors can combine physical and mental relaxation while on vacation. Of course, eating is a crucial component of vacations. One of the many restaurants in Super Paradise that can provide an authentic traditional Greek food experience with delectable, frequently referred to as “mouthwatering,” meals is “Divine Sea & More.”

Greece, and Mykonos in particular, are widely known for their vibrant nightlife. That experience is available all day long at the Super Paradise Beach Club!

The beach club starts to fill up with people in the afternoon after guests have enjoyed swimming, tanning, or a fantastic supper. They are ready to party till the sun sets and rises the following morning!


Jackie O is situated on the southeast coast of the island of Mykonos. You may observe an aesthetically pleasing blend of contemporary architectural pictures and classic Cycladic white accents, as well as how they all work in harmony with Mykonos’ stunning natural surroundings. In addition, Jackie O’ Mykonos Beach Club provides a variety of areas for a cool swim during the sweltering Greek summers.

Another option is to chill by the big poolside of the Beach Bar or in a lovely Jacuzzi. Athena Dion, the well-known drag queen, will put on an amazing drag show right in front of you while you rest and sip on a cool beverage or cocktail from the 360 Open Bar.

The Jackie O’ Mykonos Bar, which is directly beneath the church of Paraportiani, is the ideal place to enjoy the Mykonian sunset while sipping on some of the bar’s signature drinks and innovative flavor combinations. Also, a distinctive culinary tour of Mediterranean food is provided at Jackie O’ Mykonos Restaurant.


Tropicana is situated at Paradise Beach, one of the most well-known beaches on the island, in the south of Mykonos, less than 6 kilometers from Mykonos Town.

Tropicana presents itself up until 4:30 as an ordinary beach club that is still lovely, allowing its visitors to have a nice brunch or their coffee and beverage while happily basking in the Greek sun. Time at Tropicana stops at 4:30, and the atmosphere changes. The Tropicana changes into a club as the DJ slowly makes his way to the stage and the celebration starts! Everyone gets up from their seats and joins the dancing bodies swaying to the beat of the upbeat music the DJ plays throughout the club when they are served energizing beverages or juices and inventive cocktails. Team Argy & Terry, one of the most skilled DJ teams headquartered in Mykonos, never let the guests down with their engaging and, most importantly, dance-filled sets. They also frequently bring in guest DJs from other countries to “spice up” the atmosphere.

Along with providing entertainment for visitors, Tropicana also makes an effort to appease everyone’s appetite with delectable dishes that capture the flavor of Greek cuisine using Greek-originated ingredients, such as surf and turf selections.


Only 3.7 kilometers from Mykonos Town, Pasaji is situated on the southwest coast of the island at Ornos Beach. It takes 10 minutes to travel there for a truly magical experience. Ornos beach has all the conveniences and hotel facilities close by, as well as accessibility for mobility vehicles and a welcoming atmosphere for families. Pasaji has trendy and comfortable sunbeds, making it the ideal location for a leisurely day of tanning in the sweltering summer sun.

As a top-tier restaurant in Mykonos, Pasaji is well known. A culinary voyage through several nations, featuring both traditional and modern flavors, various cuisines, and entrancing scents, is what guests can expect from Pasaji Restaurant. Pasaji, also, provides the ideal smoking environment with hookah pipes available, a smoking experience

next to the sea, and the lovely Ornos beach.



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