Mykonos: Top 4 Unique Beach Bars

Mykonos: Top 4 Unique Beach Bars

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A trip to Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without a whole day spent on one of Greece’s best features: the beaches! Let’s look at some of the most unique beach bars Mykonos has to offer!


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Less than 6 miles from Mykonos Town, near Paraga Beach, is this incredible Myconian paradise. The luxurious cabanas and sunbeds spread out on Paraga beach’s golden sand provide the ideal setting for a day of relaxation in the Greek sun at SantAnna beach bar. Delicious snacks are available all day long at the beach bar, along with classic Greek salads, sandwiches, drinks, and sushi platters. A swim in SantAnna’s lagoon-shaped pool is a necessity for a luxurious experience. Pool cabanas, private islands, and pool daybeds are provided for anyone who wishes to reserve a first-row view of the pool.

With meals that are mostly inspired by Mediterranean cuisine as well as some other international seafood flavors, SantAnna Restaurant takes diners on a culinary trip that will awaken all of their senses. The fish is freshly caught by local fishermen, and all ingredients are organic. The goal of SantAnna is to make guests’ beach days one of their most enjoyable and tranquil holiday days! As a result, spa services are provided inside SantAnna’s specially designed treatment rooms, which are created to guarantee clients’ tranquility and privacy.


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However, some people choose to experience Greece in an authentic way, rather than in the fully modernized manner that tourist attractions usually adopt. SCORPIOS is the ideal location for this type of day. Less than 6 miles from Mykonos Town, Scorpios is considered a unique location near Paraga beach on the southern side of the island.

Scorpios has a pretty unique style with various aspects that evoke the elegance of an ancient Greek agora.  Within the whitewashed stone home, an ambiance of ancient Greece prevails and transports visitors back in time. The wooden cabanas and loungers that are spread out across the beach’s golden sand add a touch of simplicity to its otherwise fairly sophisticated appearance.

The beach bar blends seamlessly with Mykonos’ stunning natural surroundings. Additionally, Scorpios offers its visitors a front-row seat to the beautiful Mykonos sunset as it “dives” into the Aegean Sea, the ideal companion to Scorpios’ musical rituals.  In the specially constructed and exquisitely decorated stages of Scorpios, these rituals take place. Scorpios’ philosophy places a lot of emphasis on the spiritual journey that the mind and body can take through music. With tracks that blend electronic and acoustic elements, the music’s rhythms seek to entice listeners into a search for a higher aesthetic filter. Underground and well-known musicians are welcome to continue this spiritual journey during these summertime musical ceremonies.

Scorpios make it a point to provide visitors with an excellent culinary experience while they are there. The open-plan restaurant offers a clear, uninterrupted view of the Aegean waters as far as the eye can roam, with these delectable and well-presented presented meals! The main objective of Scorpios restaurant is to offer customers a taste of Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, the restaurant’s kitchen is stocked with locally grown fresh foods, creating the ideal menu for a satisfying family lunch. Scorpios provides organic meals with a variety of vegetarian options in consideration of the guests’ complex dietary requirements.


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On the northern side of Mykonos, Alemàgou is just 12 minutes from Mykonos Town. It is near Ftelia Beach, one of Mykonos’s most beautiful beaches, which stretches across a lengthy area of land of golden sand, providing a summer paradise!

Alemàgou’s distinctiveness resides in the harmony of its simplicity with the elegance of its lounges and the lavish appetizers, drinks, and cocktails offered at the beach. Alemàgou’s decorations are designed in a boho style, and the straw umbrellas and cactus complement the golden sand to evoke images of Mexican deserts. It can be regarded as a lovely location with a certain flair that transports its visitors to a state of complete relaxation! Only the massage services offered by Alemàgou’s skilled, licensed professionals can surpass this level of tranquility!

The bar and restaurant are prepared to meet the culinary needs of the visitors, whether with a selection of energizing and, most importantly, unique drinks or with a selection of magnificent dishes that can fascinate every visitor’s taste buds. The menu of the restaurant promises a taste of true Greek food with a touch of Mediterranean culture.

Additionally, it provides a chance to go shopping in Alemàgou’s boutique. This store offers more than just designer clothing and accessories; it mostly sells eye-catching, boho-chic fashion goods.  The store sells trendy jewelry, handbags, and shoes in addition to summer essentials like swimsuits and sunglasses. The shop’s outside is spectacular and has a military tent-like appearance. It blends in beautifully with Alemàgou’s beach, bar, and restaurant decor and ambiance.

Maggie the goat, an inhabitant of Alemàgou who frequently wanders around the tent, can offer some fashion advice, in addition to the store’s knowledgeable employees.



One of Mykonos’ most well-known beach bars, Kalua is recognized for its tranquil yet at times energetic atmosphere. Less than 6 miles from Mykonos Town and less than a 15-minute drive away from Paraga Beach, Kalua is on the southeast part of the island.

Kalua provides visitors with a variety of sitting alternatives to suit their preferences. It is possible to rent group bungalows for big friendship groups, front-row cabanas for a quiet view of the sea, or standard yet incredibly comfy single sunbeds. Without the required snack breaks for relaxation, a beach day is not complete. Salads, delicious finger foods, and sushi are all available on a special beach menu, which also offers beverages and cocktails to “spice up” the atmosphere. In addition, Kalua offers guests delectable refreshments and the ideal company for a leisurely day at the beach—the ultimate shisha experience!

In addition to loungers, Kalua’s golden sand is home to DJs and artists who put on amazing performances while saxophone music plays in the background. This setting is ideal for a beach party, getting everyone up to dance and sing along. Kalua can accommodate some of its visitors’ more significant life events, including lavish birthday celebrations and wedding receptions, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and wedding receptions.


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