MYKONOS: Best Bars to Enjoy a Relaxing Drink!

MYKONOS: Best Bars to Enjoy a Relaxing Drink!

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Let’s look at some of the best cocktail bars around Mykonos Town! Enjoy a relaxing drink and explore the Greek nightlife.

Many people who are looking to escape their demanding daily routine travel to one of the Greek islands, choosing some of the most suitable locations known for the countless options for relaxation, unforgettable encounters, and the Greek joyful vibes.

There is no denying that Mykonos, one of the most well-known holiday spots in the world, draws lots of visitors with its stunning natural surroundings, captivating beaches, and the kindness of the residents who will make your stay seem pleasant, peaceful, and very Greek.

While visiting Mykonos, tourists should wander the surrounding islands and hunt for charming little spots that appear to be grand escapes from reality.



On the western part of the island, Galleraki is easily accessible from Mykonos Town and is just a 5-minute stroll through the city’s distinctive white and blue, winding alleys from the Mykonos harbor and the old port.

It is also right in the middle of Little Venice, a dream-like romantic neighborhood in Mykonos, with white houses that stand out from their little colorful details in the windows and doors, which open up just to reveal the houses’ proximity to the waters of the Aegean sea and the sound of the waves hitting their foundations. It is a place that provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience of architecture that combines the simplicity of the Myconian features with the romantic vibe of Italian Venice.

Galleraki’s success isn’t just due to its convenient location; it also has a broad and creative menu that lives up to its name. Galleraki is a great place to go for a relaxed drink or cocktail that will spice up the atmosphere for couples considering a romantic date or will lighten the mood between groups of friends.

More specifically, the menu features a selection of juices and drinks that are prepared with attention to every detail by professional and highly skilled mixologists-bartenders using fresh and locally sourced fruits. Every visitor can choose a blend of rum, vodka, gin, or tequila that will appease and mesmerize its taste buds among the many juices and cocktail possibilities. In addition to the standard drinks served in every bar, Galleraki offers guests the chance to try the inventive and well-known signature cocktail “katerinaki” or to push their own creative boundaries by asking the bartenders to create some custom special drinks based on their preferences.

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On the western side of the island, in the Chora, in the heart of Mykonos, is where you can find Katerina’s. It is only a short 10-minute drive from the island’s main port and less than 4 kilometers from Mykonos’s old harbor, making it the ideal starting point for exploring all that Mykonos has to offer.

The building’s ground floor is home to Katerina’s restaurant, where guests may go on a Mediterranean culinary tour and test their palates by sampling authentic Greek cuisine cooked by the restaurant’s highly trained and skilled chefs. Every dish is prepared with locally sourced, fresh ingredients that have been skillfully cooked and artistically blended to create the renowned Katerina’s recipes that have earned the restaurant recognition from one of the most famous travel websites in the world.

The beautiful bar is located on the upper level of Katerina’s former family home. It offers a wide selection of traditional cocktails, and drinks (and non-alcoholic beverages) to suit every guest’s preference, as well as some more innovative options for refreshing cocktails for those who want to try new flavors. In addition to offering a stunning view of the Myconian windmills and the Aegean sea waves, Katerina’s bar is the ideal spot to relax with a drink.

Look at more information on this authentic Greek bar here! 

180˚ BAR

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180˚ The location of Sunset Bar is in Mykonos’ Chora, the island’s center. The distance from the island’s main port is about 3 km, and there are two ways to get there: by car (8 minutes), or on a lovely 15-minute stroll from the old port up through the classic idyllic narrow alleys with the distinctive white and blue features in the classic houses, which give the whole experience the authentic Cycladic Myconian feel.

180 Sunset Bar was strategically positioned to provide a panoramic view of Mykonos Town without any other distractions or structures in the way. Simple yet stylish wooden furniture placed on various levels up the hill and a traditional Myconian windmill right next to the bar, which has been tastefully decorated, make the establishment blend harmoniously with its surroundings and give the impression that it is a part of the island’s natural landscape.

The 180 Sunset Bar offers more than just a breathtaking view. A cool drink is a wonderful companion in every situation. The menu at the bar offers a wide variety of fruity, creative, as well as vintage classic drinks that will “spice up” everyone’s mood and elevate their sense of relaxation while enjoying a genuine Myconian vacation. Everyone will also advise trying out new flavors and the bar’s distinctive 180 drinks, which are professionally prepared by a staff of extremely knowledgeable, and hospitable mixologists/bartenders. The 180 Sunset Bar offers an excellent selection of vintage wines for those with more refined tastes, including well-known white, rose, and red varieties as well as light sparkling wine and champagne alternatives.

Never consume alcohol on its own; always pair it with some mouthwatering treats. The menu at 180 Sunset Bar features a wide selection of appetizers, creative salad options, and delicious desserts. It is a culinary trip that can only be elevated by some of the distinctive 180 dishes, which blend fine dining with small elements of Greek cuisine to create a unique food experience. 

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When you are not experiencing the Greek nightlife, explore the beauties of Mykonos while on a luxurious yacht! Check out some of the yachts that may suit your likes and needs here!


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