Solymar Mykonos: a day at the beach that will activate all senses!

Solymar Mykonos: a day at the beach that will activate all senses!

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A typical vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos cannot be completed without a long day at a stunning beach with many opportunities for entrainment, relaxation, and a good meal!

Every local will surely recommend a day at the beach of Kalo Livadi, which one can find 10km southeast of Mykonos Town, as it is often described as one of the longest beaches on the island between Elia and Kalafati. 

Kalo Livadi is home to one of the most popular and most definitely vacation-appropriate places in Mykonos, known as SOLYMAR. It is a place so aesthetically arranged with small Cycladic details and decorations which match the golden sun, the clear waters, as well as, the landscape of the island, so much that it gives the impression it is part of the surrounding nature and in perfect harmony with everything that meets the eye. 

That summery oasis was created 15 years ago with a vision to let guests experience the stunning landscapes of Mykonos, feel the ancient Greek aura floating in the air, and combine their five senses in a magical journey through the beauties of Mykonos.  


 Solymar’s beach lives up to its reputation as one of the most famous and alluring beaches on Mykonos. The crystal-clear waters combined with golden sand, excellent for basking in the sun, that extends over the spacious land known as Kalo Livadi, provides vacationers with an authentic, all-day-long experience of the Greek summer. 


Solymar’s restaurant is guaranteed to guide guests through a “delicious” exploration of Greek cuisine. The menu offers a unique combination of traditional gastronomic elements of Cyclades with a more modern approach to Mediterranean cuisine. The highly professional chefs of Solymar’s restaurant can assure the guests of their loyalty to the freshest high-quality ingredients that can be found on the island, all cultivated and selected from local producers. This restaurant promises to provide guests with a next-level gastronomical experience that will activate, as their motto claims, all five of their senses! Solymar’s menu includes a wide variety of meals that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds, including vegetarian, pescatarian as well as surf and turf options. To this variety, a collection of fine, first-rate wines and cocktails can “spice up” the guest’s day and create a summer-appropriate, yet refreshing, sensation.

Solymar Beach Boutique 

With a beautiful landscape like this, a fashionable outfit is a must! Solymar Beach Boutique makes sure that guests don’t have to go into a long search for a clothing shop to find the proper fashion items. The boutique offers a variety of designer fashion items, including bags, to carry all the necessary equipment for a long day at the beach, swimsuits, bikinis, and summer dresses, for a fashionable, yet comfortable, time at the Solymar’s loungers, as well as, accessories that will complete the ultimate summer fit and gather everyone’s compliments on your style! 


Solymar cares not only for the guests’ mental relaxation and entertainment but also their physical well-being and stress relief moments. Thus, one can experience a moment like this while receiving a massage from the experienced professional therapists available at the beach. It is a perfect opportunity for someone to take their body, mind, and soul, on a relaxing vacation! The setting designated for massages is carefully decorated to resemble a tropical space that gives people the chance to remain close to the sea elements and wave sounds while being massaged. Regarding the current situation it should, also, be mentioned that the massage services follow all covid-19 protocols and offer a relaxing and most importantly hygienic experience.


Solymar, wanting to provide the full package of a summer Greek experience to its guests, makes sure to organize events that will introduce them to the party atmosphere and entertaining spirit found in every Greek island, and especially Mykonos. Drinks, lots of dancing along with the music and the opportunity to hear some of the most famous Greek artists or bands, are on the program of every Solymar event

Apart from the regular parties and music events organized, Solymar seems more than capable and happy to host some of its guests’ important life moments! Private events can be arranged, including private parties, wedding receptions, as well as corporate events. 

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